Children's stories

The Power of Five 05. Oblivion

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Publisher: Walker


Category: Children's stories

Page: 672

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The earth has almost been destoyed by the forces of darkenss. Those who have survived are barely human, drifting in a world ruled by famine, terrorism and war. Any last hope now rests with five extraordinary teenagers: the Gatekeepers. (From book cover).
Juvenile Fiction

The Gatekeepers #5: Oblivion

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 592

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The final, thrilling conclusion to #1 New York Times bestselling author Anthony Horowitz's masterful series! Matt. Pedro. Scott. Jamie. Scar. Five Gatekeepers have finally found one another. And only the five of them can fight the evil force that is on the rise, threatening the destruction of the world. In the penultimate volume of The Gatekeepers series, a massive storm arose that signalled the beginning of the end. Now the five Gatekeepers must battle the evil power the storm has unleashed - and strive to stop the world from ending.
Juvenile Fiction


Author: Anthony Horowitz

Publisher: Scholastic Press


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 590

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Having escaped from Hong Kong, fifteen-year-old Matt and four other Gatekeepers take an ultimate stand against a destructive evil force that has unleashed a decimating storm as part of a plot to end the world.
Joan (Legendary Pope)

The Duel with Oblivion

Author: Mrs. Annie L. Mearkle



Category: Joan (Legendary Pope)

Page: 71

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Business & Economics

Main Line to Oblivion

Author: Robert Barry Carson

Publisher: Port Washington, N.Y : Kennikat Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 273

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Explores corporate policies of the past fifty years and evaluates the industry's role in the collapse of the railroads
Business & Economics

Oblivion or Utopia

Author: Chiku Malunga

Publisher: University Press of America


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 148

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This book explains that efforts to reverse Africa's continuing underdevelopment have failed to date because they have not been consciously aimed at enabling Africa to turn its vast natural resources into wealth; here, Malunga proposes a five step strategy enabling the continent revolutionize and improve the system.

An Oblivion's Indigo

Author: Aetre



Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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Two colonies set out from Earth. One would travel the solar system and return in fifty years. The other, by design, would never come back. The crew of the returning ship, however, finds that during its absence, it missed a rather crucial planetary event: the Apocalypse. Soon the last remaining humans--those in the second, wandering colony--are about to be thrust into a final battle for souls between the forces of good and evil. Evil is much better prepared for the fight, though. The futures of both mankind and the afterlife depend upon the actions of all the humans caught in the struggles. Even though the forces they are up against are no less powerful than deity, humans with enough willpower can sometimes do amazing things...

Glaring Through Oblivion

Author: Serj Tankian

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Music

Page: 128

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In this strikingly illustrated book of original poetry, System of a Down fans gain an intimate glimpse into the soul of the band's frontman, Serj Tankian. For fans stirred by the cerebral lyrics of SOAD albums Hypnotize, Mesmerize, Steal This Album!, Toxicity, and their first, self-titled breakthrough—and for everyone enthusiastic about Serj’s solo album, Imperfect Harmonies—this essential, one-of-a-kind collection of Tankian’s innermost thoughts and feelings is a must-read. Unique illustrations punctuate nearly 70 poems—almost none of which have ever been published before. Glaring through Oblivion is an indispensable find for any true fan.


Author: David Maisel



Category: Photography

Page: 5

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"“In his book Warped Space, the architectural theorist Anthony Vidler speaks of the “paranoiac space of modernism,” a space which is “mutated into a realm of panic, where all the limits and boundaries become blurred.” These words come to mind when considering the urban aerial images of Los Angeles and its periphery. Certain spacial fears seem endemic to the modern metropolis, and Los Angeles defines this term in ways that no other American city can approximate. This amorphous skein of strip malls and gated developments, highway entrance and exit ramps, lays unfurled over the landscape like a sheet over a cadaver. As we cast a critical eye upon the megalopolis of Southern California, it is necessary to remind ourselves that there is still a heart beating within it. Indeed, 15 million hearts, with all the souls and dreams of the bodies powered by those hearts: the city as living, breathing organism, constantly breaking down and constantly replicating.” - David Maisel. The 15 aerial photographs of Los Angeles that make up Oblivion are distressingly beautiful, their post-apocalyptic feeling enhanced by reversed-out tones. Maisel shares with us his “shadowland,” a place previously unobserved that coexists with its sunstruck version. Introduction by William L. Fox." [Publisher's statement].

Oblivion II

Author: Jeff Schmoke

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 660

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Taking place in present day, Jessica and Stake soon confronted with death one early morning realize their planet in space must be extremely vulnerable. Aliens having known about the planet before even the appearance of the dinosaurs, are out for blood. Unknowing what was happening, Stake and Jessica are abducted after a massive alien ship embeds itself into the planet for unknown reasons. After being returned, the planet had been decimated from orbit, the human race left to a transforming disease called Tycostiforious, mutations roamed. Again they're picked up for placement forever somewhere else they believe. It was the knowledge of their sun's nova soon immanent foretold they awaited a natural genocide. Believing they would never feel the warmth of their birth sun, their forced to accept it the Kriec'Tik like a disease rule the entire universe, and their only offspring, Alyson, had taken to outlandish deeds with her alien friends, and being a natural linguist, she quickly favored well, and she left them. Years pass as Jessica and Stake live lives amongst alien environments, and having luckily fled one of the oldest worlds, searching for Alyson they began to give up on until it was the Kriec'Tik themselves that brought the three back together amongst the process of a massive planetary acquisition they all nearly die in, but after the nova, the chance to take in the warmth of a new sun sets their sights to new hopes.

Ascendancy to Oblivion

Author: Michael McConville

Publisher: Quartet Books (UK)


Category: British

Page: 288

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The Anglo-Irish oligarchy gave Ireland much of her modern culture and architecture— but also left a legacy that has festered violently. A highly original, insightful look at the " Troubles" traces the rise and sudden disappearance of this elite group that so dominated Irish life from the 18th to the early 20th centuries. " ...pure pleasure...the most entertaining and fascinating book I have read for a long time." — "Molly Keane."
Civil rights

Against Oblivion

Author: Jonathan Power

Publisher: Fontana Press


Category: Civil rights

Page: 254

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Family & Relationships

Taming Oblivion

Author: John W. Traphagan

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 225

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Examines the cultural construction of senility in Japan and the moral implications of dependent behavior for older Japanese.
Biography & Autobiography

Requiem for Oblivion

Author: Rafael Osiris da Silva

Publisher: Windsor, Ont. : Black Moss Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 321

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This is a no-holds-barred memoir, who presents himself as an indomitable and unapologetic scoundrel. Rafael Osiris da Silva was an owner of the historic Chateau Maurice in Macau until 1995, when he moved to Lisbon with his family.

Oblivion's Altar

Author: D. Marion Wilkinson

Publisher: NAL


Category: Fiction

Page: 376

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The Cherokee tribe under the leadership of the visionary chieftain John Ridge struggles to cope with the vast influx of American settlers into what was once their homeland, an invasion that leads to a devastating war that culminates in the infamous Trail of Tears. Original.

Farmers and Mercenaries

Author: Maxwell Alexander Drake

Publisher: Imagined Interprises Inc



Page: 463

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2009 Moonbeam Young Adult Fantasy Award Winner for Excellence in Literature.Named Dragon Roots Magazine's Best New Fantasy Saga of 2009.In a sleepy farming stead, a young man, Alant Cor, is found to be one of the few Humans who can manipulate the Essence. And, not simply manipulate it. Alant has more power over this magical force than any Human in known history. Does his younger brother, Arderi Cor, possess the same ability, or something more sinister? Clytus Rillion, the commander of a mercenary troop, embarks on a quest to cure his dying son, Sindian. Though he doubts he will survive the journey, he will pay any price to save his son's life.The beast, known only as Klain, born a slave and now used to entertain the masses in a bloodthirsty sport known as the Games, finds out his true value to those who own him lies with his death.All are resigned to walk the paths fate has put them upon. Yet, is this of their own accord? Or, is an ancient and powerful race, the Elmorr'Antiens, manipulating the other inhabitants of Talic'Nauth? Change is falling upon the Plane. Some Elmorr'Antiens are making preparations to weather the storms ahead - others intend to use the coming chaos to seize power over all the races.Follow these seemingly unrelated lives as their paths are set on a course that none can hope to survive. Readers of the Genesis of Oblivion Saga will immerse themselves in the depth of a unique world culture, the grandeur of its civilizations, and the sheer awe of more than ninety-six thousand years of history!
Political Science

Saved from Oblivion

Author: Jaap de Wilde

Publisher: Dartmouth Publishing Company


Category: Political Science

Page: 287

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This book deals with the theories of global interdependence that were developed by Norman Angell (1872-1967), Ramsey Muir (1872-1941), Francis Delaisi (1873-1947) Charles E. Merriam (1874-1953) and David Mitrany (1888-1977) and the contribution that their work makes to a better theoretical understanding of the causes of war and the conditions of peace. The book gives an answer to those who consider contemporary interdependence theory a mere repetition of pre-war idealism. By describing an intellectual history that has been generally neglected the author adds new arguments to the debate on the feasibility of a security policy based on the deliberate extension of specific types of interdependence.