The Rose Rent

Author: Ellis Peters

Publisher: Head of Zeus


Category: Fiction

Page: 265

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In June of 1142, a young monk is murdered next to a white rose bush at a property bequeathed to the Abbey by a young widow. Brother Cadfael finds evidence that points to the widow's own household.

Death Pays the Rose Rent

Author: Valerie S. Malmont

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 811

A New York reporter, Toni Miracle, attends a rose festival in Pennsylvania's Amish country and stumbles on a series of murders, each of which is accompanied by a rose. As she investigates, the town's age old secrets emerge.

The White Rose Rent

Author: J. P. Reedman

Publisher: Medieval Babes, Tales of Littl


Category: Fiction

Page: 106

View: 598

The Tudor Era has dawned. Richard III lies in a shallow grave at Greyfriars in Leicester and Henry Tudor sits upon an uneasy throne. Richard's illegitimate daughter, Katherine Plantagenet, wife of one year to William Herbert, Earl of Huntingdon, struggles to find her path in the strange new world of Tudor England. Only fifteen years old, she fears her husband will put her aside due to her relationship to the deposed King. Frightened and alone, she recalls the events of her younger years, when Richard, Duke of Gloucester took her and her half-brother John to be raised at Sheriff Hutton Castle. Days when it seemed a baseborn girl could reach dizzying heights... Days of happiness before her father took the crown, before her cousins Edward and Richard vanished from the Tower of London, before beautiful Elizabeth of York danced in gold at the Christmas Feast of 1484 and started rumours flying...

Uncle John's Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader

Author: Bathroom Readers' Institute

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Humor

Page: 600

View: 585

At a whopping 600 absorbing pages, Uncle John pulled out all the stops to make the behemoth Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader the epitome of Throne Room entertainment. Happy birthday, Uncle John! This 20th anniversary edition proves that some things do get better with age. Since 1987, the Bathroom Readers’ Institute has led the movement to stand up for those who sit down and read in the bathroom (and everywhere else for that matter). Uncle John’s Triumphant 20th Bathroom Reader is jam-packed with 600 pages of all-new articles (as usual, divided by length for your sitting convenience). In what other single book could you find such a lively mix of surprising trivia, strange lawsuits, dumb crooks, origins of everyday things, forgotten history, quirky quotations, and wacky wordplay? Uncle John rules the world of information and humor, so get ready to be thoroughly entertained as you read about: * The incredible (edible) history of bread * The secret congressional bomb shelter * Farts in the news * The history of the aloha shirt * The real Zorro * The worst city in America * How your taste buds work * It’s the Peanuts story, Charlie Brown And much, much more!
Literary Criticism

Documents of the Rose Playhouse

Author: Carol Chillington Rutter

Publisher: Manchester University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 246

View: 231

Philip Henslowe's Rose was Elizabethan London's first South Bank playhouse. This book sets the background of a working theatre against which the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries can be understood.

From Arabye to Engelond

Author: Mahmoud Manzalaoui

Publisher: University of Ottawa Press


Category: History

Page: 307

View: 555

"The nucleus of the collection consists of papers on Middle English language, literature, and culture. Other papers examine the pervasive interaction between the European and Arabic cultures. Diachronically, the essays range from the Anglo-Saxon to the Bysantine era and beyond to nineteenth- and twentieth-century medievalism. In their multicultural diversity and interdisciplinarity, the papers reflect the personal and academic multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism of the volume's honoree."--BOOK JACKET.

The Rose Annual




Category: Roses


View: 944

Includes report of the Council, Constitution, Summary of receipts and payments of the National Rose Society.
Literary Criticism

World Historical Fiction

Author: Lynda G. Adamson

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 719

View: 447

An annotated bibliography covering the best in historical fiction set all around the world

Brother Cadfael: The Complete Chronicles

Author: Ellis Peters

Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 5208

View: 741

THE COMPLETE CADFAEL CHRONICLES: 21 ebooks in one. Seventy years have passed since the conquest of England by William of Normandy. But following the death of Henry I, with no male heir, the country is divided – the armies of Henry’s daughter the Empress Maud and her cousin, King Stephen, mass to the West and East. Each would claim the crown. Beset by civil strife, caught between Stephen’s forces and the kingdoms of Wales, life in the border town of Shrewsbury continues as best it can. Even the Benedictine brothers of the Order of St Peter and St Paul cannot escape the encroaching war. And more often than not, the Abbey herbalist, a healer and skilled observer of human nature, Brother Cadfael, is called upon to use his more worldly talents in pursuit of justice. Cadfael ap Meilyr ap Dafydd (known simply as Brother Cadfael) is a Welsh monk, herbalist and apothecary of Shrewsbury Abbey. He entered the Benedictine order in 1120 after sixteen years in the armies of Britain and Normandy. As a soldier and sea captain he fought in the Holy Land, serving at the fall of Antioch and the storming of Jerusalem. As a young man, he was betrothed to Richildis Gurney, but never married. He has an illegitimate son, Olivier de Bretagne, by the Saracen widow Mariam of Antioch. This ebook contains: A RARE BENEDICTINE: The Advent of Brother Cadfael. A MORBID TASTE FOR BONES. ONE CORPSE TOO MANY. MONK'S HOOD. SAINT PETER'S FAIR. THE LEPER OF SAINT GILES. THE VIRGIN IN THE ICE. THE SANCTUARY SPARROW. THE DEVIL'S NOVICE. DEAD MAN'S RANSOM. THE PILGRIM OF HATE. AN EXCELLENT MYSTERY. THE RAVEN IN THE FOREGATE. THE ROSE RENT. THE HERMIT OF EYTON FOREST. THE CONFESSION OF BROTHER HALUIN. THE HERETIC'S APPRENTICE. THE POTTER'S FIELD. THE SUMMER OF THE DANES. THE HOLY THIEF. BROTHER CADFAEL'S PENANCE.