The Sinkings

Author: Amanda Curtin

Publisher: ISBS


Category: Fiction

Page: 375

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In 1882, dismembered human remains were discovered at a lonely campsite called the Sinkings near Albany, Western Australia. The surgeon conducting the autopsy claimed the remains were those of a woman. Why, then, was the victim identified as Little Jock, a sandalwood-cutter and former convict? And why was the murder so brutal, so gruesome? More than a hundred years later, Willa Samson embarks on a search to find out why in this novel. A recluse after having lost her daughter, Willa is drawn back into the world as she negotiates and researches various archives, communicates with family historians, and journeys to Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England, looking for clues to her questions. The Sinkings is a story within a story, the portrayal of a figure from the margins of history embedded within a contemporary narrative of a mother's guilt and grief. Beautifully crafted, this novel deals with the dilemma confronting parents of an intersexed child and of coming to terms with gender identification. While the book is a work of fiction, the discovery of Little Jock's remains and the controversy surrounding their identification are actual events.

Wilful Murder: The Sinking Of The Lusitania

Author: Diana Preston

Publisher: Random House


Category: History

Page: 544

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On May 7th, 1915 a passenger ship crossing the Atlantic sank with the loss of 1200 lives. On board were some world-famous figures, including multimillionaire Alfred Vanderbilt. But this wasn't the Titanic and there was no iceberg. The liner was the Lusitania and it was torpedoed by a German U-boat. Wilful Murder is the hugely compelling story of the sinking of the Lusitania. The first book to look at the events in their full historical context, it is also the first to place the human dimension at its heart. Using first-hand accounts of the tragedy Diana Preston brings the characters to life, recreating the splendour of the liner as it set sail and the horror of its final moments. Using British, American and German research material she answers many of the unanswered and controversial questions surrounding the Lusitania: why didn't Cunard listen to warnings that the ship would be a target of the Germans? Was the Lusitania sacrificed to bring the Americans into the War? What was really in the Lusitania's hold? Was she armed? Had Cunard's offices been infiltrated by German agents? And did the Kaiser's decision to cease unrestricted U-boat warfare in response to international outrage expressed after the sinking effectively change the outcome of the First World War? Highly readable, highly researched Wilful Murder casts dramatic new light on one of the world's most famous maritime disasters.

The Sinking of the Prince of Wales & Repulse

Author: Patrick Mahoney

Publisher: Pen and Sword


Category: History

Page: 366

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On the third day of the war with Japan, two Royal Navy capital ships were sunk off Malaya by air torpedo attack. They had not requested the air support that could have saved them and 840 men died in the battleship HMS Prince of Wales and the battle cruiser HMS Repulse. The authors re-create for the reader not only what happened, but also what it was like for the men involved. They dispose of several myths to explain the events of those confused hours, and address the uncertainty, controversy and strong emotions that surrounded the militarily disastrous sinkings.

The Sinking of the Titanic

Author: L. Marmaduke Collins

Publisher: Breakwater Books


Category: Shipwrecks

Page: 196

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Few human events have stirred the imagination, inspired myths and movies and had such a hold upon the weste world as the sinking of the unsinkable ship, the RMS Titanic. In his convincing analysis of the facts and evidence, experienced ice-pilot Captain Marmaduke Collins comes up with an intriguing new interpretation of what happened on the Titanic's fateful night.
Juvenile Nonfiction

The Sinking of the Lusitania

Author: Steven Otfinoski

Publisher: Capstone


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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"Describes the sinking of the Lusitania. Readers' choices reveal various historical details"--