The Things We Value

Author: Ben Burt



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The Things We Value takes as its subject the creativity and cultural heritage of Solomon Islands, focusing on the kinds of objects produced and valued by local communities across this diverse country in the south-west Pacific. Combining historical and interpretive analyses with personal memories and extensive illustrations, the contributors examine such distinctive forms as red feather-money, shell valuables, body ornaments, war canoes, ancestral stones and wood carvings. Their essays discuss the materials, designs, manufacture, properties and meanings of artefacts from across the country. Solomon Islanders value these things variously as currency, heirlooms and commodities, for their beauty, power and sanctity, and as bearers of the historical identities and relationships which sustain them in a rapidly changing world. The volume brings together indigenous experts and leading international scholars as authors of the most geographically comprehensive anthology of Solomon Islands ethnography yet published. It engages with historical and contemporary issues from a range of perspectives, anthropological and archaeological, communal and personal, and makes a major new contribution to Pacific Islands studies.
Electronic commerce

The End of Ownership

Author: Aaron Perzanowski



Category: Electronic commerce

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An argument for retaining the notion of personal property in the products we "buy" in the digital marketplace. If you buy a book at the bookstore, you own it. You can take it home, scribble in the margins, put in on the shelf, lend it to a friend, sell it at a garage sale. But is the same thing true for the ebooks or other digital goods you buy? Retailers and copyright holders argue that you don't own those purchases, you merely license them. That means your ebook vendor can delete the book from your device without warning or explanation--as Amazon deleted Orwell's 1984 from the Kindles of surprised readers several years ago. These readers thought they owned their copies of 1984. Until, it turned out, they didn't. In The End of Ownership, Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz explore how notions of ownership have shifted in the digital marketplace, and make an argument for the benefits of personal property. Of course, ebooks, cloud storage, streaming, and other digital goods offer users convenience and flexibility. But, Perzanowski and Schultz warn, consumers should be aware of the tradeoffs involving user constraints, permanence, and privacy. The rights of private property are clear, but few people manage to read their end user agreements. Perzanowski and Schultz argue that introducing aspects of private property and ownership into the digital marketplace would offer both legal and economic benefits. But, most important, it would affirm our sense of self-direction and autonomy. If we own our purchases, we are free to make whatever lawful use of them we please. Technology need not constrain our freedom; it can also empower us.

Federal Securities Laws and Defense Contracting

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations



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New Zealand

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

Author: New Zealand. Parliament. House of Representatives



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Deliberation about the Good

Author: Valerie Tiberius

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Philosophy

Page: 147

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This work advances a theory of deliberation about the goals, projects and values that constitute a good or worthwhile life for a person. The central argument begins with the assumption that the concerns most people have in this kind of deliberation are to discover which goals are worth pursuing, or which ends worth valuing, given those features of ourselves that we find important on reflection, and choose our goals and values in such a way that our choices can bear our reflective scrutiny.
Casco Bay (Me.)

The Economic Value of Casco Bay

Author: Edmund S. Muskie Institute of Public Affairs



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Investing Your Life in Things That Matter

Author: Linda R. McGinn

Publisher: B & H Publishing Group


Category: Religion

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Most Americans live their lives in pursuit of material wealth. But there are more important investments--the eternal values, relationships, and pursuits that make life meaningful and significant. Linda McGinn shows how to focus time and energy on investment goals that pay eternal dividends, whether you earn $10,000 a year or $100,000.

Add Value

Author: Mark Carter

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Self-Help

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Why truly knowing what we value—and why—is the real basis of success Listen closely: you’ll notice that words like ’value’ lie at the heart of many of the important conversations taking place around you. Whether they’re about personal development, business or government, value is everywhere. In business, we hear about ’adding value’, in our personal lives, we’re told about the importance of ’self-worth’. But how many of us know what these concepts truly mean—and how do we know when we’re getting them right? Mark Carter is a sought-after speaker—including for TEDx—and professional trainer for blue-chip companies all over the world. His passion for understanding what makes us do the things we do have convinced him that what makes or breaks all of our ventures is having a full moral understanding of what we value and why—and living up to it. When we bias towards one set of values—for example the win-at-all-costs sagas of the Banking Royal Commission and Belle Gibson—we alienate others and lose out overall. Develop your skills of self-reflection and awareness Build your personal and business legacy Know how to cultivate lasting relationships Discover why human skills are even more necessary for success in the age of AI No person is an island and living in accordance with our values has real-world effects. Whatever your ambition, the wisdom found in Add Value will help you ignite the human potential within—and help us all to build a better world.

The Ethics of the Environment

Author: Robin Attfield

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Science

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This book brings together over thirty leading contributions to environmental ethics, from pioneering papers to recent work at the cutting edge of thought in this field. The introduction links together these articles and also appraises their strengths and weaknesses and presents a distinctive overview of the subject.
Family & Relationships

Creative Being

Author: Judith Kurka Nagel



Category: Family & Relationships

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