Social Science

Folklore and Folklife in the United Arab Emirates

Author: Sayyid Hamid Hurriez

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 208

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A unique description and analysis of the domains and genres of UAE folklore, including folk customs and beliefs, traditional arts and crafts, folk dances, folk narratives and proverbs. Challenging the established meaning of folklife, this volume also deals with folklore in public life, in the mass media, in education and in politics.
Business & Economics

Doing Business with the United Arab Emirates

Author: Marat Terterov

Publisher: GMB Publishing Ltd


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 360

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Annotation * Unique guide to one of the Middle East's main business and financial centres * Assessment of investment opportunities in the seven Emirates * Up-to-date guide to the regulatory and tax regime and the rules of business engagement * Profiles of the UAE's industry sectors and some of its most dynamic companies * Written by professionals with on-the-ground experience * Of interest to professional investors, international companies, analysts, consultants, law firms, banks, accountants, and business academics "Doing Business with the United Arab Emirates" is the definitive English language guide to investment potential, commercial opportunity and business practice in the seven Emirates. The fact that the UAE played host to the recent annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, confirmed that the world's leading financial and business authorities clearly see the crucial importance of the UAE as a global business center. Despite the recent invasion ofIraq, international investment flows are still being encouraged into the region -- something that "Doing Business with the UAE" aims to promote concretely. The book also highlights that the UAE has now developed a highly sophisticated, forward looking economy and a society seeking to capitalize upon the unique assets at its command. With its progressive business environment, an increasingly diversified economy, modern infrastructure and sound legal system, the UAE is asserting itself as the primary location for business in the highly competitive Arab Gulf region. Endorsed by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce Contributors include: Ahli United Bank, Al Masaood Group, Ernst & Young, EmiratesIndustrial Bank, BAe Systems, Hay Management Consultants, Cluttons.
United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Author: Ibrahim Abed

Publisher: Trident Press Ltd


Category: United Arab Emirates

Page: 320

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An authoritative and wide-ranging book uncovering the rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates, its political renaissance and its modern transformation into one of the most developed nations in the world.
Social Science

The Origins of the United Arab Emirates

Author: Rosemarie Said Zahlan

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 306

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The creation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971 ended a century and a half of the existence of the Trucial States in special treaty relations with Britain. This book, first published in 1978, describes the evolution of tribes and their rulers’ authority over time, and the tribes’ treaties with Britain as it sought to exercise imperial control over its trade routes. Analysing changes to society as well as the politics of the region, this book analyses the formation of the United Arab Emirates.

United Arab Emirates Nuclear Program and Proposed U. S. Nuclear Cooperation

Author: Christopher M. Blanchard

Publisher: DIANE Publishing



Page: 18

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has embarked on a program to build civilian nuclear power plants and is seeking cooperation and technical assistance from the U.S. and others. Contents of this report: (1) The UAE: Background and U.S Relations; (2) The UAE Nuclear Program: Rationale; Development Plans; Current Infrastructure and Regulatory Regime; (3) Proposed U.S.-UAE Cooperation; Memorandum of Understanding; Proposed Bilateral Agreement; Nuclear Cooperation Agreement, Approval Process, and Proposed Changes; (4) Issues for Congress: Congressional Concerns; Export Control Concerns; Non-Proliferation Concerns; Human Rights Concerns; Diplomatic Implications. Illustrations.
Social Science

The United Arab Emirates

Author: Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 270

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Led by Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE has become deeply embedded in the contemporary system of international power, politics, and policy-making. Only an independent state since 1971, the seven emirates that constitute the UAE represent not only the most successful Arab federal experiment but also the most durable. However, the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath underscored the continuing imbalance between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and the five northern emirates. Meanwhile, the post-2011 security crackdown revealed the acute sensitivity of officials in Abu Dhabi to social inequalities and economic disparities across the federation. The United Arab Emirates: Power, Politics, and Policymaking charts the various processes of state formation and political and economic development that have enabled the UAE to emerge as a significant regional power and major player in the post Arab Spring reordering of Middle East and North African Politics, as well as the closest partner of the US in military and security affairs in the region. It also explores the seamier underside of that growth in terms of the condition of migrant workers, recent interventions in Libya and Yemen, and, latterly, one of the highest rates of political prisoners per capita in the world. The book concludes with a discussion of the likely policy challenges that the UAE will face in coming years, especially as it moves towards its fiftieth anniversary in 2021. Providing a comprehensive and accessible assessment of the UAE, this book will be a vital resource for students and scholars of International Relations and Middle East Studies, as well as non-specialists with an interest in the United Arab Emirates and its global position.

United Arab Emirates

Author: Facts On File, Incorporated

Publisher: Infobase Publishing




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The United Arab Emirates comprises seven individual emirates, where vast amounts of oil were discovered in the 1950s. With an oil reserve that makes up almost one-tenth of the world's total, this desert country has a stable economy, and boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Media Law in the United Arab Emirates

Author: Matt J. Duffy

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.


Category: Law

Page: 142

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Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this analysis of media law in the United Arab Emirates surveys the massively altered and enlarged legal landscape traditionally encompassed in laws pertaining to freedom of expression and regulation of communications. Everywhere, a shift from mass media to mass self-communication has put enormous pressure on traditional law models. An introduction describing the main actors and salient aspects of media markets is followed by in-depth analyses of print media, radio and television broadcasting, the Internet, commercial communications, political advertising, concentration in media markets, and media regulation. Among the topics that arise for discussion are privacy, cultural policy, protection of minors, competition policy, access to digital gateways, protection of journalists’ sources, standardization and interoperability, and liability of intermediaries. Relevant case law is considered throughout, as are various ethical codes. A clear, comprehensive overview of media legislation, case law, and doctrine, presented from the practitioner’s point of view, this book is a valuable time-saving resource for all concerned with media and communication freedom. Lawyers representing parties with interests in the United Arab Emirates will welcome this very useful guide, and academics and researchers will appreciate its value in the study of comparative media law.

Education in the United Arab Emirates

Author: Kay Gallagher

Publisher: Springer


Category: Education

Page: 179

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This book provides an overview of the evolution of education in the United Arab Emirates from its humble beginnings in palm frond huts, to today’s proliferation of prestigious international schools and global university branch campuses. The chapter authors are academic experts who have extensive first-hand experience of contemporary developments in the country’s various educational sectors. The book addresses innovations and transformations in Early Childhood Education, Higher Education, K-12 Schooling, Language Education in Arabic and English, Quality Assurance, Special Needs, STEM Education, and Teacher Education and Professional Development.