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The women of my time

Author: Janet Elizabeth (Hogarth) Courtney



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Personal biographies of influential women educators, suffragists, and philanthropists.
Biography & Autobiography

During My Time

Author: Margaret B. Blackman

Publisher: University of Washington Press


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This book is the first life history of a Northwest Coast Indian woman. Florence Davidson, daughter of noted Haida carver and chief Charles Edenshaw, was born in 1896. As one of the few living Haida elders knowledgeable bout the culture of a bygone era, she was a fragile link with the past. Living in Masset on the Queen Charlotte Islands, some fifty miles off the northwest coast of British Columbia, Florence Davidson grew up in an era of dramatic change for her people. On of the last Haida women to undergo the traditional puberty seclusion and an arranged marriage, she followed patterns in her life typical of women of her generation. Florence�s narrative -- edited by Professor Blackman from more than fifty hours of tape recordings -- speaks of girlhood, of learning female roles, of the power and authority available to Haida women, of the experiences of menopause and widowhood. Blackman juxtaposes comments made by early observes of the Haida, government agents, and missionaries, with appropriate portions of the life history narrative, to portray a culture neither traditionally Haida nor fully Canadian, a culture adapting to Christianity and the imposition of Canadian laws. Margaret Blackman not only preserves Florence Davidson�s memories of Haida ways, but with her own analysis of Davidson�s life, adds significantly to the literature on the role of women in cross-cultural perspective. The book makes an important contribution to Northwest Coast history and culture, to the study of culture change, to fieldwork methodology, and to women�s studies.
Family & Relationships

Work-family Role Choices for Women in Their 20s and 30s

Author: Cherlyn S. Granrose

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


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This study follows over 200 women making employment and family choices during their first decade after college graduation. Extensive quotes relate the women's joys and tribulations and empirical data provide insight into real consequences of each choice for their careers, children, husbands, and employers.

Recovery of Your Self-Esteem: A Guide for Women

Author: Carolynn Hillman

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Self-Help

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Put a stop to feelings of inadequacy with these strategies, practices, and exercises. With warmth and encouragement, along with her original ten-step process, Carolynn Hillman puts self-esteem and the accomplishment and real satisfaction it engenders within the reach of every woman. Her straightforward approach to conquering feelings of inadequacy and self-defeating behavior include: Practicing six key ways of nurturing yourself Recognizing and appreciating your good points Silencing the inner critic and heeding the inner child Breaking the self-imposed failure cycle Overcoming external obstacles that limit your progress Recovery of Your Self-Esteem: A Guide for Women supports readers with participatory exercises and inspiring examples that confirm feelings of increased self-respect and achievement. It offers invaluable advice and understanding that will pave the way toward feeling better more of the time.

Java Time! for Women

Author: Anne Johns

Publisher: Evergreen Press


Category: Religion

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Twelve weeks of 10-minute Bible studies (72 in all plus tasty coffee recipes) to help working Christian women draw closer to God and be more successful on the job. It's not the same old grind!
Performing Arts

The Women of Hammer Horror

Author: Robert Michael “Bobb” Cotter

Publisher: McFarland


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The Hammer studio is best known for its horror film output from the mid–1950s through the 1970s. This book provides facts about the hundreds of actresses who appeared in those films, including ones released in the twenty-first century by a resurgent Hammer. Each woman’s entry includes her Hammer filmography, a brief biography if available, and other film credits in the horror genre. The book is illustrated with more than 60 film stills and posters.
Biography & Autobiography

The Women of Duck Commander

Author: Kay Robertson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


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The wives of the Robertsons all came into the family the same way: they fell in love with one of the Robertson boys. In the Duck Dynasty TV series, the women often come into their own when the whole family gathers around the table together to eat dinner, and fans of the show get a good glimpse into their lives, but that is hardly the whole story, which is why they decided to write this book... In The Women of Duck Commander, the wives show how they have worked together to help one another and to support the family in all its work and its happiness. They are committed to timeless values, and in the book they share the insights, stories, and experiences that have made them who they are. The appeal of the Duck Dynasty comes, not because they are showing us anything new, but they are reminding us of the values our culture is in danger of losing.

The Female Experience

Author: Gerda Lerner

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: History

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Lerner offers an entirely new framework for the study of women's history in America which avoids the traditional chronological periods by which U.S. history is most often studied and instead groups sources according to the life cycle of women, their roles in a male-defined society, in the workplace, in politics, and finally in the contemporary world where feminism is creating an altogether new consciousness.