In Their Footsteps

Author: Tess Gerritsen

Publisher: MIRA


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Rediscover this classic story from master thriller author Tess Gerritsen The quiet scandal surrounding the death of her parents has always haunted Beryl Tavistock. Now she’s asking dangerous questions, and the answers are proving that the past does not die easily. Pulled into a world of espionage, Beryl quickly discovers that she needs help, and former CIA agent Richard Wolf is her only hope. But in a world where trust is a double-edged sword, friends become enemies and enemies are killers. Originally published in 1994

To Follow in Their Footsteps

Author: Nicholas L. Paul

Publisher: Cornell University Press


Category: History

Page: 368

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When the First Crusade ended with the conquest of Jerusalem in 1099, jubilant crusaders returned home to Europe bringing with them stories, sacred relics, and other memorabilia, including banners, jewelry, and weapons. In the ensuing decades, the memory of the crusaders’ bravery and pious sacrifice was invoked widely among the noble families of western Christendom. Popes preaching future crusades would count on these very same families for financing, leadership, and for the willing warriors who would lay down their lives on the battlefield. Despite the great risks and financial hardships associated with crusading, descendants of those who suffered and died on crusade would continue to take the cross, in some cases over several generations. Indeed, as Nicholas L. Paul reveals in To Follow in Their Footsteps, crusading was very much a family affair. Scholars of the crusades have long pointed to the importance of dynastic tradition and ties of kinship in the crusading movement but have failed to address more fundamental questions about the operation of these social processes. What is a "family tradition"? How are such traditions constructed and maintained, and by whom? How did crusading families confront the loss of their kin in distant lands? Making creative use of Latin dynastic narratives as well as vernacular literature, personal possessions and art objects, and architecture from across western Europe, Paul shows how traditions of crusading were established and reinforced in the collective memories of noble families throughout the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Even rulers who never fulfilled crusading vows found their political lives dominated and, in some ways, directed by the memory of their crusading ancestors. Filled with unique insights and careful analysis, To Follow in Their Footsteps reveals the lasting impact of the crusades, beyond the expeditions themselves, on the formation of dynastic identity and the culture of the medieval European nobility.

Dropping Our Nets: Walking in His Footsteps Teacher's Edition

Author: Mark Whitehead



Category: Religion

Page: 126

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In Dropping Our Nets: Walking in His Footsteps TEACHER'S EDITION, we will walk through nine footsteps of what it looks like to follow Jesus. In order to follow Him, we must drop our old lives. This teacher's guide allows you to walk a new believer or a disciple through the basics of following Christ. It is designed to accompany Dropping Our Nets: Walking in His Footsteps.

In His footsteps

Author: W.E. McLennan

Publisher: Рипол Классик


Category: History


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In His footsteps a record of travel to and in the land of Christ : with an attempt to mark the Lord's journeyings in chronological order from His birth to His Ascension.
Biography & Autobiography

In His Footsteps:

Author: Margaret Agard

Publisher: Parker Wentworth Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 122

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"The book amazed me" Writers Digest judge With her trademark candor, wry wit, and warmth award-winning author Margaret Agard gives us a smart, funny and timeless memoir appealing to both skeptics and believers, alike. Already overwhelmed with her five-page long to-do list thanks to a new marriage, two sons facing the tumultuous teen years, and work as a computer consultant, she's asked to organize care for all the women of her church from the new young mothers to grieving widows. In desperation, she turns her list over to God each day asking, "What do I do?" Her life is quickly filled with experiences both touching and quirky from hospital visits to screaming peacocks culminating in her heart-felt changed relationship with God. Filled with captivating characters, familiar to anyone involved in community, down to earth spirituality, and sparkling stories of life with Parker and the boys. Agard brings both profound insight and self-deprecating humor to the simplest of life's moments. Each finely crafted piece illuminates the small and great events of a woman's life with strength and compassion while the whole creates a memorable experience, that lingers long after the memoir is finished. "An inspiring, easy read with laugh-out-loud moments" Kindle reviewer "Recommended for the OCD among us" Amazon review

What She Didn't Know

Author: Tammy Falkner

Publisher: Night Shift Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 350

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