Slowly, Slowly in the Wind

Author: Patricia Highsmith

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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'Highsmith neatly dismantles the American suburban idyll, subverting the cliches of domestic bliss - nice neighbours, a child's comforting glass of milk, and the dream of growing radishes - with macabre cruelty' Andrew Wilson, author of, Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith Slowly, Slowly in the Wind brilliantly assembles many of Patricia Highsmith's most nuanced and psychologically suspenseful works. Each of these twelve pieces, like all great short fiction, is a crystal-clear snapshot of lives both static and full of chaos. In 'The Pond' Highsmith explores the unforeseen calamities that can unalterably shatter a single woman's life, while 'The Network' finds sinister loneliness and joy in the mundane yet engrossing friendships of a small community of urban dwellers. In this enduring and disturbing collection, Highsmith evokes the gravity and horror of her characters' surroundings with evenhanded prose and a detailed imagination.

The Best American Noir of the Century

Author: James Ellroy

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 640

View: 319

A magisterial anthology of American noir writing in the 20th century by the best-selling author of the LA Quartet: The Black Dahlia. The Big Nowhere , LA Confidential and White Jazz. In his intoduction to The Best American Noir of the Century, James Ellroy writes, "noir is the most scrutinised offshoot of the hard-boiled school of fiction. It's the long drop off the short pier and the wrong man and the wrong woman in perfect misalliance. It's the nightmare of flawed souls with big dreams and the precise how and why of the all-time sure thing that goes bad." Offering the best examples of literary sure things gone bad, this collection ensures that nowhere else can readers find a darker, more thorough distillation of American noir fiction. James Ellroy and Otto Penzler, series editor of the annual The Best American Mystery Stories, mined one hundred years of writing - 1910-2010 - to find this treasure trove of thirty-nine stories. From noir's twenties-era infancy come gems like James M. Cain's "Pastorale," and its post-war heyday boasts giants like Mickey Spillane and Evan Hunter. Packing an undeniable punch, diverse contemporary incarnations include Elmore Leonard, Dennis Lehane, Patricia Highsmith and William Gay, with many page-turners appearing in the last decade.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Let's Talk Turkey

Author: Rosemarie Ostler



Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 252

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Respected linguist Ostler demystifies more than 150 colorful homegrown figures of speech. She traces each saying from its first known appearance in print to its place in modern English, uncovering a host of cultural and historical tidbits along the way.
Environmental economics





Category: Environmental economics


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Safire's Political Dictionary

Author: William Safire

Publisher: New York : Random House


Category: Dictionnaires

Page: 845

View: 498

This entertaining and informative dictionary lists words and phrases peculiar to government officials and politicians, analyzing their meanings and tracing their origins.
Foreign Language Study

McGraw-Hill's Dictionary of American Idioms Dictionary

Author: Richard A. Spears

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 544

View: 512

Shape up your English with thousands of idioms Whether you are a learner of English who is having difficulty understanding expressions in everyday speech or a native speaker who wants to expand your written or spoken range, you need a comprehensive reference for idioms, common phrases, and sayings of American English. McGraw-Hill's American Idioms Dictionary shows you the ropes of English and helps you: Expand your English-speaking abilities with these 14,000-plus expressions, proverbs, and common sayings, listed alphabetically Use American idioms correctly by following the many helpful examples Easily find the right phrase by one of its key words Some examples of the colorful English language, as spoken by Americans: at peace relaxed and happy every trick in the book every deceptive method known Johnny-on-the-spot someone who is in the right place at the right time make a killing to have a great success, especially in making money nine-to-five job a job with normal daytime hours scream bloody murder to complain bitterly take a powder to leave; to leave town

News Release

Author: California. Administrative Office of the Courts



Category: Courts


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Environmental Law and the Values of Nature

Author: Richard J. Finkmoore



Category: Law

Page: 1076

View: 203

This book is designed to provide law students in the introductory environmental law course with the broad foundation needed to practice in the field and to pursue further course work in specialized environmental topics. Unlike many casebooks, Environmental Law and the Values of Nature recognizes that “natural resources law” has become an integral part of environmental law and is the arena for today's most important environmental issues. Part One presents some of the principal components of modern environmental law including public land law and the historical context in which each developed. Part Two examines critical issues in contemporary environmental law. This course book also treats several relatively new topics usually omitted from environmental law casebooks, such as restoration, mitigation, conservation biology, and ecosystem management. Incorporating edited statutes, agency regulations, and writings, Finkmoore provides all of the teaching materials needed in a comprehensive introductory course, and many in-text graphics will hold student interest. The teaching package includes a teacher's manual, PowerPoint slides keyed to the reading, and photographic slides of a number of places that were the subject of the principal court decisions contained in the course book.

Idiots, Hypocrites, Demagogues, and More Idiots

Author: Paul Slansky

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Humor

Page: 227

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An irreverent collection of political faux pas celebrates some of the past half century's most infamous verbal blunders, in a compendium that categorizes entries under such headings as "inaccurate prognostications" and "Freudian slips."