Business & Economics

Treading Different Paths

Author: Georgette Wang

Publisher: Praeger


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 268

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Despite heated debate on the nature of changes brought by the widespread use of information and information technologies, few dispute their growing importance in economy and trade. More often than not, it is the benefit that they promised to bring that attracts policymakers' attention. For developed nations, information technology is is regarded as essential in ensuring growth and superiority over other nations, while, for developing nations, they bring new hopes for leapfrogging in economic development and repositioning in the international trade market and power structure. The opportunities are undoubtedly rare and highly attractive, but the accompanying challenges are also phenomenal: to achieve growth as the major source of economic income changes from producing consumer goods to information products. To Third World nations, there is the added challenge of accelerating development by acquiring and effectively using information and technology resources mostly developed elsewhere. This book examines the significance of informatization and the changes that are taking place in Asian nations. Studying nine Third World countries, it focuses on the way their governments are responding to the information technology challenge and how the structures of the workforce and communication systems are changing because of technology.
Literary Criticism

Treading the Beaten Path

Author: Dr Fazal Ghafoor

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 250

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Treading the Beaten Path is a rereading of history through the review and critical analysis of fifty books. It is an in-depth analysis of major events that shaped the history of contemporary India. Amongst authors are B R Ambedkar, Rajdeep Sardesai Jai Ram Ramesh, Ramachandra Guha, Kuldip Nayyar, Zoya Hassan and a host of others. Major epochs in history like the Mughal period, Partition of India, the Emergency, Operation Blue Star etc. are included. The biographies of Sheik Abdulla, Feroze Gandhi and critical studies on S C Bose, Nehru and Gandhi form a part. Epochs of history include the partition of Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. A look at the two-part defense of Hinduism by Shashi Tharoor is a highlight. An evaluation of the Communist, Hindutva and Mandal movements is undertaken. On a lighter vein the biographies of Mohamed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Sahir Ludhianvi are explored. The reviews have a personal touch as the author has thought out of the box to add his opinion to many a contentious issue at hand. In that sense it is not a review but a critical narrative with the book acting only as a template with the discussion many a time spilling beyond the confines of it.

Treading the Traitor's Path: Out Bad

Author: MariaLisa deMora

Publisher: MLK Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 346

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Fate is a fickle mistress. No matter a man's desires, she tends to give with one hand, and take with the other. Good or bad, it doesn't matter to her, as long as there’s balance. Ralph Lewis, otherwise known as Po'Boy, made one decision that changed the trajectory of his entire life. On the losing end of a schoolyard fight, he'd been on his back in the dust, glaring up at the boy who'd flattened him. Had watched unbelieving as that same boy stretched out his hand, offering to help Ralph to his feet. Against every instinct, he had accepted. In that instant, he went from friendless pariah to having a partner and ally. For the first time in his life, he was respected... and feared. Po'Boy spent the next decade defending his position at his best friend's side. Life was good. Fate has a way of taking back the reins, though. A long-ago action places him directly in the crosshairs of their enemies, and circumstances force Po'Boy's hand. Members of motorcycle clubs, men like him who live an outlaw's life don’t treat kindly with traitors, and in their world, that is what Po'Boy has become. With events threatening to pull him away from everything he holds dear, he's made to walk a careful line to keep those he loves safe. Bound by silence, for his brothers' sake, he'll suffer through the worst thing that can happen to a man who lives and breathes the brotherhood. Out Bad. 18+ due to explicit content. *Please note this book is part of the Neither This, Nor That MC book series, featuring characters from additional books in the series. If the books are read out of order, you’ll twig to spoilers for the other books, so going back to read the skipped titles won’t have the same angsty reveals. I strongly recommend you read them in order. Available now: This is the Route of Twisted Pain (book #1), Treading the Traitor's Path: Out Bad (book #2), Shelter My Heart (book #3), and Trapped by Fate on Reckless Roads (book #4).

Treading Softly

Author: Thomas Princen

Publisher: MIT Press


Category: Nature

Page: 224

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How to imagine and then realize an ecological order based on living within our biophysical means. We are living beyond our means, running up debts both economic and ecological, consuming the planet's resources at rates not remotely sustainable. But it's hard to imagine a different way. How can we live without cheap goods and easy credit? How can we consume without consuming the systems that support life? How can we live well and live within our means? In Treading Softly, Thomas Princen helps us imagine an alternative. We need, he says, a new normal, an ecological order that is actually economical with resources, that embraces limits, that sees sustainable living not as a “lifestyle” but as a long-term connection to fresh, free-flowing water, fertile soil, and healthy food. The goal would be to live well by living well within the capacities of our resources. Princen doesn't offer a quick fix—there's no list of easy ways to save the planet to hang on the refrigerator. He gives us instead a positive, realistic sense of the possible, with an abundance of examples, concepts, and tools for imagining, then realizing, how to live within our biophysical means.
Hindu pilgrims and pilgrimages

Sri Kalahasti Easwara Mahima

Author: Pavani Sitaramayya



Category: Hindu pilgrims and pilgrimages

Page: 198

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On Kalahasti, Shaivite pilgrimage centre, Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh.

The Path We Tread

Author: M. Elizabeth Carnegie

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning


Category: Medical

Page: 328

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This is the only resource to examine over 140 years of black nurses' contributions to the nursing field. This new edition is expanded and international in scope, looking at black nurses' involvement as leaders, innovators, and caregivers in Africa, the Caribbean, and across the globe. It explores black nurses' participation in the military, nursing education at historically black institutions, the struggle for black nurses to be recognized by national nursing organizations, and features early leaders who paved the way for black nurses today. -- Publisher description.
Great Britain

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons



Category: Great Britain


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Contains the 4th session of the 28th Parliament through the session of the Parliament.