Twisted Roots

Author: V.C. Andrews

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 422

View: 537

Abandoned by her family and living in her mother's shadow, Hannah Eaton, Willow's daughter, escapes to New Orleans and into the arms of Heyden Reynolds, a sexy guitar player, but the dark secrets of her past follow her to the Big Easy and once again threaten everything she loves. Simultaneous.

Twisted Roots

Author: Carlos Alberto Montaner

Publisher: Algora Publishing


Category: History

Page: 190

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Examining the historical and cultural influences that have shaped Latin America, this syndicated international journalist and author suggests that they have made it into the most impoverished, unstable and backward region in the Western world."An indispen.

Twisted Roots

Author: Virginia Andrews

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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From the outside, Hannah Eaton, Willow de Beers' teenage daughter, lives a charmed life in wealthy Palm Beach, Florida. But deep inside, she is miserable and lonely. Her mother and stepfather have a sickly new baby which takes up all their attention. Her father isn't so sure that she's his child. Her crazy Uncle Linden is the only relative who has time for her. And her new boyfriend, sexy guitar player Heyden Reynolds, has a troubled family of his own. Together, Heyden and Hannah decide to run away to New Orleans, where they stumble onto a rundown old farmhouse and a woman who is convinced Hannah is her long-lost daughter. At first the charade seems like a kindness, but then things spiral out of control . . .

Twisted Roots, Standing Tall

Author: Anne de Nada

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 292

View: 750

Childhood sexual abuse is the most traumatic of all wounds, for it is a betrayal at the very root of our being. It turns us against ourselves in such a way that, more often than not, victims become convinced that the fault is theirs. To find a way back from that injury, to prevail and rise above it, is to do the seemingly impossible. In Twisted Roots, Standing Tall, author Anne de Nada recounts her long dance from the darkness of the soul into the love and light of an open heart, as she courageously heeds her soul’s insistence and clears away her legacy of trauma from both infant sexual abuse and incest. Born into both emotional and economic poverty, Anne’s early life consisted of only obstacles and challenges. But she never gave up, and she continually trusted in her own guidance, being rewarded with insight and wisdom. Whenever it felt like her life was not flowing, she took that as a sign that it was time to do more healing, clearing away the trauma that lay embedded deep in cellular memory. Anne’s story speaks to the gift of grace and the indomitable courage of the human heart. As Anne continued to heal, she discovered many essential truths about life, among them that we are never given something we cannot handle, that life is about manifesting the deepest desires of our hearts, and that the thing we most fear is our own greatness.
Ballads, English

Folk Horror Revival: Harvest Hymns. Volume I- Twisted Roots

Author: Folk Horror Revival



Category: Ballads, English

Page: 354

View: 547

The Twisted Roots of Folk Horror music. An exploration of the artists and their music who laid the foundations for future generations of Folk Horror musicians. Taking in Murder Ballads, Acid Folk, Occult Rock, The Blues and Traditional Folk Music as well as Film Soundtracks Twisted Roots is a collection of articles, interviews and album reviews from the likes of Maddy Prior, Jonny Trunk, Sharron Kraus, John Cameron and Candia McKormack and many more.

The Twisted Root

Author: Anne Perry

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 146

“A novel whose suspense remains high until the final pages . . . Anne Perry is [a] master of crime fiction who rarely fails to deliver a strong story and a colorful cast of characters.”—The Baltimore Sun A young bridegroom enlists private investigator William Monk to track down his fiancée, Miriam Gardiner, who disappeared suddenly from a party at a luxurious Bayswater mansion. Monk soon finds the coach in which Miriam fled and, nearby, the murdered body of the coachman, but there is no trace of the young passenger. What strange compulsion could have driven the beautiful widow to abandon the prospect of a loving marriage and financial abundance? Monk and clever nurse Hester Latterly, themselves now newlyweds, desperately pursue the elusive truth—and an unknown killer whose malign brilliance they have scarcely begun to fathom. BONUS: This edition contains excerpts from Anne Perry's Treason at Lisson Grove and Execution Dock. Praise for The Twisted Root “When a law flies in the face of moral justice, can a person be condemned for defying it—even to the point of murder? Anne Perry argues the issue with uncommon eloquence.”—The New York Times Book Review

The Twisted Root (William Monk Mystery, Book 10)

Author: Anne Perry

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 874

A missing bride and a murdered coachman - what links the two? With a plot twist around every corner, Anne Perry's The Twisted Root is a thrilling journey into the dark underbelly of Victorian society, and features her ever-popular detective William Monk. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Arthur Conan Doyle. 'This is a story with twists and turns aplenty. The ending is the biggest twist of all' - St Louis Post-Dispatch For Miriam Gardiner, at her engagement party at the London home of her fiancé, Lucius Stourbridge, it should have been one of the happiest days of her life. But, leaving suddenly, Miriam disappears without a trace. Reluctant to cause a scandal, Lucius seeks out William Monk and tells him that the only lead concerns their coachman, Treadwell, who is also missing. Monk, not usually a sentimental man, is moved by Lucius's distress, and assumes that his recent marriage to Hester Latterly is to blame. When Treadwell's murdered body is found, Monk becomes convinced that his death is linked to a terrible secret in Miriam's past that someone, desperate keep it hidden, has killed for, and may well do so again, unless he can stop them. What readers are saying about The Twisted Root: 'A riveting mystery wrapped up in the dark and seamy side of Victorian London' 'Anne Perry is the best Victorian crime [writer] I have ever read' 'I feel she must have hitched a ride in Dr Who's Tardis and has [brought] back the very Victorian sensibility with which she furnishes her books. Amazing'

Creeping Bentgrass Management, Second Edition

Author: Peter H. Dernoeden

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Nature

Page: 378

View: 754

Creeping bentgrass is considered the premier turfgrass species grown on golf courses, and there is a growing demand for an understanding of its maintenance and management practices. Still the only comprehensive reference on the subject, Creeping Bentgrass Management, Second Edition helps you identify the factors that contribute to summer bentgrass decline and guides you in selecting the best approaches for stress and pest management. This full-color book delves into all aspects of modern approaches to creeping bentgrass management on golf courses. It describes the nature of mechanical, physiological, and environmental stresses and how they influence growth and management of creeping bentgrass. The book covers the selection of creeping bentgrass cultivars; cultural practices, including mowing, irrigation, and topdressing; the deleterious effects of organic and inorganic layers in golf greens; and ways to limit injury due to mechanical or physical stresses. It also discusses recent advances in the management of selected diseases and soil-related maladies of creeping bentgrass—from Pythium-incited root dysfunction to dollar spot, yellow tuft, and blue-green algae. The focus is on common disease symptoms, predisposing conditions, hosts, and cultural and chemical management strategies. Advances in biological disease control are also reviewed. The book offers practical guidance in selecting and using fungicides, herbicides, and plant growth regulators. It also discusses the use of non-selective herbicides and fumigants for the renovation of creeping bentgrass and outlines strategies for dealing with selected invertebrate pests. Throughout, color photographs help you identify diseases and stresses that may be affecting your own golf course. Fully revised and updated, this second edition of a bestseller features three new chapters, new photographs, and expanded information about diseases. Drawing on the author’s more than thirty years of experience and research, it brings together a wealth of information on how to optimize creeping bentgrass health and performance. What’s New in This Edition Three new chapters, covering the nature of fungicides, abiotic maladies, and selected invertebrate pests An expanded section on disease—double the length of the first edition Updated chapters that reflect the latest developments in creeping bentgrass management More extensive discussion of annual bluegrass problems and their management More than 100 new photos Tips from Dr. Dernoeden Watch these videos to get Dr. Dernoeden’s tips on how to control dollar spot disease and crabgrass and how to identify fairy ring.
Social Science

My Ears Are Bent

Author: Joseph Mitchell

Publisher: Vintage


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 715

Famed New Yorker writer Joseph Mitchell, as a young newspaper reporter in 1930s New York, interviewed fan dancers, street evangelists, voodoo conjurers, not to mention a lady boxer who also happened to be a countess. Mitchell haunted parts of the city now vanished: the fish market, burlesque houses, tenement neighborhoods, and storefront churches. Whether he wrote about a singing first baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers or a nudist who does a reverse striptease, Mitchell brilliantly illuminated the humanity in the oddest New Yorkers. These pieces, written primarily for The World-Telegram and The Herald Tribune, highlight his abundant gifts of empathy and observation, and give us the full-bodied picture of the famed New Yorker writer Mitchell would become.