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Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Tale of the Two Treasures

Author: Kristina Stephenson

Publisher: Sir Charlie Stinky Socks


Category: Adventure stories

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Join our brave young knight Sir Charlie Stinky Socks in his bestselling super duper picture book adventure series - oh my! And so begins the next adventure - an adventure in which Sir Charlie Stinky Socks embarks on a truly terrifying quest to bring back long, lost treasure. Following a musty, dusty map Sir Charlie Stinky Socks, his faithful cat Envelope and - of course- his good grey mare, enter a scary underground world with all manner of tricks, traps and medieval puzzles. Sir Charlie must use all his cunning and wit to get the others through. But what has happened to Sir Charlie Stinky Socks? All of a sudden our trusty hero can't get anything right. Has someone bewitched him? Or stolen his socks? Or maybe this bold brave knight (the one with the shield and wearing the helmet) ... isn't Sir Charlie at all? Yikes! A fraud! An impostor! A fiendish foe who might be after the treasure! A swashbuckling, funny and charming adventure from best-selling picture book author/illustrator Kristina Stephenson - an ideal read aloud story to share with little adventurers aged 3+ Fans of Jonny Duddle's Jolley-Rogers series will love Sir Charlie Stinky Socks. Do you own all of Sir Charlie's adventures? Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Really Big Adventure Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Really Frightful Night Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Really Dreadful Spell Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Tale of the Terrible Secret Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Tale of Two Treasures Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Tale of the Wizard's Whisper Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Pirate's Curse Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Mummy's Gold Kristina Stephenson trained as a set and costume designer. She had a successful career in theatre and children's TV until she had her children. Wanting to stay at home with them, she turned to illustration. Inspired to write by her own son Charlie (who doesn't have stinky socks), she created the wonderful adventures of Sir Charlie Stinky Socks. Kristina's fabulous new series with Simon & Schuster, Molly Maybe's Monsters, is available now.

Ruby (Dakotah Treasures Book #1)

Author: Lauraine Snelling

Publisher: Bethany House


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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A New Dakotah Territory Saga From Bestselling Author Lauraine Snelling! Book 1 of Dakotah Treasures. Author Lauraine Snelling once again takes readers west to the untamed land of Dakota Territory, introducing new characters both unique and appealing. Ruby Torvald and her young sister, Opal, have received an inheritance from their long-lost father who left home years ago to seek his fortune in the Black Hills. When they leave their comfortable situation in Chicago and arrive at the mining town of Medora to claim their inheritance, the sisters discover that rather than the legacy of gold they expected, their father has left them a shocking bequest. Ruby's bold determination in the face of scandal leads the reader on a journey both heartwarming and inspiring.
Biography & Autobiography

Comfort Me with Apples and Tender at the Bone: Two Culinary Treasures

Author: Ruth Reichl

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 656

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“Reading Ruth Reichl on food is almost as good as eating it,” The Washington Post Book World once declared. If that’s the case, then this eBook bundle is a nonfiction feast. With a résumé that includes such posts as editor in chief of Gourmet magazine and restaurant critic for The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, Reichl has elevated the food memoir into an art form with stories that overflow with love, life, humor, and—of course—marvelous meals. TENDER AT THE BONE Growing Up at the Table “An absolute delight to read . . . How lucky we are that [Reichl] had the courage to follow her appetite.”—Newsday At an early age, Ruth Reichl discovered that “food could be a way of making sense of the world.” Beginning with her mother, the notorious food-poisoner known as the Queen of Mold, Reichl introduces us to the fascinating characters who shaped her world and tastes, from the gourmand Monsieur du Croix, who served Reichl her first foie gras, to those at her table in Berkeley who championed the organic food revolution in the 1970s. Spiced with Reichl’s infectious humor and sprinkled with her favorite recipes, Tender at the Bone is a witty and compelling chronicle of a culinary sensualist’s coming-of-age. COMFORT ME WITH APPLES More Adventures at the Table “Reichl writes with gusto, and her story has all the ingredients of a modern fairy tale: hard work, weird food, and endless curiosity.”—The New Yorker Comfort Me with Apples picks up Reichl’s story in 1978, when she puts down her chef ’s toque and embarks on a career as a restaurant critic. Her pursuit of good food and good company leads her to New York and China, France and Los Angeles, and her stories of cooking and dining with world-famous chefs range from the madcap to the sublime. Through it all, Reichl makes each and every course a hilarious and instructive occasion for novices and experts alike, told in a style so honest and warm that readers will feel they are enjoying a conversation over a meal with a friend. Praise for Tender at the Bone “While all good food writers are humorous . . . few are so riotously, effortlessly entertaining as Ruth Reichl.”—The New York Times Book Review “A poignant, yet hilarious, collection of stories about people [Reichl] has known and loved, and who, knowingly or unknowingly, steered her on the path to fulfill her destiny as one of the world’s leading food writers.”—Chicago Sun-Times Praise for Comfort Me with Apples “Magnificent . . . an extended, lilting song about lovesickness and the restorative succor of good food. [Grade:] A”—Entertainment Weekly “Compelling . . . The book’s charm emerges from Reichl’s writing, her observations and her amazing ability to capture people in a few memorable sentences. . . . You just have to read it.”—USA Today

Book of the Three Dragons

Author: Kenneth Morris

Publisher: Ayer Company Pub


Category: Fiction

Page: 206

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Follows the adventures of Manawyddan as he attempts to recover two stolen talismans from the Underworld.

Adam's Soul

Author: Howard Schwartz

Publisher: Jason Aronson


Category: Religion

Page: 298

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Howard Schwartz, the author of this extraordinary collection of Jewish tales and parables, is one of the most creative, inventive, and inspiring Jewish writers of our generation. When one reads his work, the question arises: what is taken from a primary text and what is invented by the imagination of the author? The answer is a complex one, for as Cynthia Ozick has observed about the writing of Howard Schwartz, "Each tale is original, yet grow(s) out of the old traditions and tellings." Ozick adds that Schwartz is "under the spell of Jewish dream and legend," pointing to the fact that he is a creative vessel: he has poured the tradition into his soul and then, combining the tradition with his own experience and imagination creates new tales of great depth and profundity. Describing his first encounters with the midrashic literature of the Jewish sages as "a major turning point" in his life and writing career, Schwartz immersed himself in traditional Jewish literature, including the Bible, the Talmud, and the midrashic collections, as well as kabbalistic and hasidic texts. Schwartz also identifies the writings of Franz Kafka, Jorge Luis Borges, as well as Sufi and Zen parables, as sources of inspiration. As he writes, "The ancient models served as a living tradition for me," and he points to the fact that his tales "emerged out of the impulse to fuse my own imagination with that of traditional Jewish lore." Adam's Soul: The Collected Tales of Howard Schwartz brings together three collections of the author's writings. The book begins with a remarkable gathering of individual tales described by Schwartz as using the "midrashic method," as well as being in the tradition of medieval Jewish folktales, hasidic tales, and the writings of I. L. Peretz, S. Y. Agnon, and I. B. Singer. The second part of the book consists of Schwartz's highly acclaimed collection of stories titled Captive Soul of the Messiah. Based on the life and teachings of the hasidic master Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, these tales (and tales within tales) are described by the author as a "fictional biography of Rabbi Nachman." Schwartz identifies the original tales of Rabbi Nachman as a major source of inspiration for his writing. Adam's Soul closes with Rooms of the Soul, a highly original cycle of stories that take place one hundred years ago in the Jewish community of Buczacz, Poland. The form for these stories is that of the hasidic tale. As Schwartz describes them, "they are, in fact, tales of the present, disguised in the past." Rooms of the Soul is a deeply personal work. Adam's Soul: The Collected Tales of Howard Schwartz is a truly remarkable burst of creativity. Readers familiar with the author's work will delight in this collection. Those who are new to the writing of Howard Schwartz will surely recognize him as a major voice, authentic, uplifting, and inspiring.

Two Treasures

Author: Thich Hanh

Publisher: Parallax Press


Category: Religion

Page: 72

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Two teachings on the realization of the Buddhist ideals of simplicity, generosity, compassion, and ultimately enlightenment.
Treasure troves

Lost Treasure Trails

Author: Thomas Penfield



Category: Treasure troves

Page: 153

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Tales of treasure lost or hidden on land and sea, mostly in the Western Hemisphere, and suggestions on the technique of treasure-hunting.