Ultimate Actor Fan

Author: Daniel Kimo




Page: 314

View: 642

Actors are AwesomeHollywood actors, whether male or female, are our biggest influences. We see ourselves in them, we aspire to be as powerful and good-looking as they are. We follow them on social media; we mimic their voices; we argue with our friends about intimate details of their lives.In short, it's fair to say that the Hollywood actor is the most influential type of celebrity in today's world.This book tests your knowledge of these magnets of pop culture.You will go through many different types of quiz trivia challenges aimed at giving your brain the ultimate test of memory and intelligence.The book is designed to be flexibly read; you can either binge read hundreds of pages at once and spend dozens of hours on the trivia tests within them, or dip into the book whenever your mind wants to be educated and entertained. It is also a great way to play a fun quiz game with friends. Answers and hints are provided for all clues, so you will learn something even if a particular question deals with an actor whose name and work are not familiar to you at all.With movies just becoming a big part of our lives again, after a long and difficult year, I hope that this celebration of the history and glorious tradition of Hollywood makes you remember the good times.
Biography & Autobiography

Billie Eilish: the Ultimate Fan Book (100% Unofficial)

Author: Sally Morgan

Publisher: Scholastic


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 64

View: 490

Discover everything you need to know about the bad girl of pop in one amazing book! Billie Eilish has taken the music world by storm. From her unique sound to her statement style, Billie is one of a kind. Packed with fantastic facts, top tips and inside info, this is the perfect book to discover more about the music megastar.
Games & Activities

The Ultimate James Bond Fan Quiz

Author: Chris Cole

Publisher: Chris Cole


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 197

View: 211

A James Bond quiz book for James Bond fans. With quizzes covering all Eon-produced Bond movies from Dr. No to Spectre. Each movie also has it's own quizzes, with an easy quiz if you've only seen the movie once or twice and a hard quiz for the fans who've watched them countless times. Additionally, there are quizzes on the following Bond topics: Allies Villains Women Gadgets Vehicles Locations Bond themes and their performers Characters and the actors they were portrayed by and of course, questions about James Bond OO7 himself! You'll find questions such as: In The World Is Not Enough, Bond chases an assassin along which river? What is the name of the gyrocopter flown by Bond in You Only Live Twice? In which film is Bond ordered by M to replace his gun with a Walther PPK? The James Bond films have thrilled audiences since 1962 and the fan base has grown to be one of the largest in the world. With more than 800 questions about Bond's movie adventures, this book is for fans both new and old. Casual viewers and long-time Bond fans alike will find plenty to test their knowledge of the world of James Bond OO7 in The Ultimate James Bond Fan Quiz
Performing Arts

The Ultimate Fan's Guide to Avatar, James Cameron's Epic Movie (Unauthorized)

Author: Kevin Patrick Mahoney

Publisher: Punked Books


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 140

View: 734

Avatar is the most successful movie of all time, surpassing the record held by James Cameron's previous monster hit, Titanic. It is also the most expensive movie ever. With its adoption of modern 3D techniques, Avatar is arguably the most spectacular film of all time. Kevin Patrick Mahoney explores how Avatar has reached this pinnacle of success. The film has not been universally praised; some critics have pointed to an overly simple plot and dialogue. However, Kevin reveals that there are many complex themes that lie behind such apparent simplicity. This book begins with an in-depth review of events as they happen on screen, including the many scenes deleted from the film, and then proceeds to explore some of the most interesting themes in more depth. Kevin examines how James Cameron has adapted Joseph Campbell's theory of the Hero's Journey in Avatar. The Na'vi's planet, Pandora, is very paradisiacal, so this book discusses how it's related to the Biblical Garden of Eden. In addition to this, Kevin dissects Avatar's rather confused politics, the controversial depiction of the US Marine Corps, and the accusations of racism that have hurled at the film. Since Jake Sully is introduced to us in a wheelchair, Kevin examines the representation of disabled people in Avatar and other science fiction dramas. Some of Avatar's subtle depictions of sexuality seemed to be mainly directed at adolescent boys, so this book also dissects some of the more 'blue' aspects of the movie. Moreover, Kevin Patrick Mahoney reveals how Avatar relates to James Cameron's previous blockbuster movies.
Performing Arts

The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book

Author: Deborah Lipp

Publisher: Sterling & Ross Pub Incorporated


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 464

View: 396

The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book is a never-before compiled compendium of lists, facts, anecdotes, trivia, commentary, photos and much, much more, about the most successful franchise in movie history. Filled with minutiae culled from the far-reaches of the planet, The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book is your one-stop shop for all things Bond, including a detailed listing of every Bond movie ever made, the actors, the guns, the gadgets, the girls, the cars and everything in-between. A must for even the casual Bond fan. Best Girls. Worst Songs. Best Actors.Number of Explosions.Quantity of Vodka Martinis. Favorite One-Liners.Most evil villains. and so much more.......
Animated television programs

The Ultimate Rugrats Fan Book

Author: Jefferson Graham



Category: Animated television programs

Page: 78

View: 915

Provides a wealth of information about the Rugrats cartoon program, including the actors who portray the Rugrats' characters.
Performing Arts

The Ultimate Unofficial Coronation Street Quiz Book

Author: Ed Cobham

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 160

View: 331

So you think you're one of Corrie's biggest fans? Test your knowledge with this trivia quiz book. What faulty household item caused the death of Valerie Barlow in 1971? The Imprisonment of which character in 1998 caused a real-life freedom campaign entitled 'Free the Weatherfield One'? Who died after being run over by a blackpool tram in 1989? If your more at home in The Rovers than anywhere else, these brain-teasing questions will be right up your street!
Performing Arts

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY The Ultimate Guide to Supernatural

Author: The Editors of Entertainment Weekly

Publisher: Time Inc. Books


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

View: 941

Saving people and hunting demons: It's the family business For 12 seasons, no demon, ghost nor monster has been safe from Sam and Dean Winchester, the daring brothers and heroes of hit television show Supernatural. Combining elements of horror, thriller, drama and comedy, this fan favorite explores the world of the paranormal, with brief forays into heaven and hell-and family relationships-every week. As the longtime hit from the CW enters its lucky 13th season, now is the time to time to catch up with an all-new special edition from Entertainment Weekly, The Ultimate Guide to Supernatural. Packed with photographs from each season, a who's who of heaven and hell, and a full episode guide to all 12 seasons-plus exclusive interviews with stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, along with a guide to the guest stars, the top 10 guests, and our expert ranking of each and every episode, this is a must-have for all Supernatural fans. There's even a superfan set-visit diary from S.E. Hinton, the renowned author of The Outsiders. You should pick up your copy now . . . because you always have a choice.
Crafts & Hobbies

The Ultimate India Quiz Book

Author: Derek O'Brien

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 280

View: 685

The perfect blend of entertainment and education . . . Commemorating sixty years of India's independence and reflecting India's many facets, this definitive volume packs in 3000 questions in sixty chapters, testing the answering skills of any quiz-lover. Each chapter contains fifty questions on a range of subjects from ancient, medieval and modern India to alternative medicine, and fairs and festivals, Indian cricket, Indian diaspora, Hindi and regional films to science, traditional sport and youth affairs, travel, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Put your knowledge of India to the ultimate test with this valuable volume for facts, figures, events, history, literature, politics, and much more.

The Ultimate Scene Study Series: 104 scenes for 4 actors

Author: Jocelyn Beard

Publisher: Smith & Kraus Pub Incorporated


Category: Drama

Page: 566

View: 998

An invaluable resource for actors, directors, and teachers. These collections of scenes are selected from the full canon of dramatic literature, from the Greeks to the Moderns and from around the world.
Performing Arts

The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies

Author: George Anastasia

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 352

View: 537

The gangster movie is one of the most popular genres in film. From the Italian, Irish, and Russian "families" in America to similarly sinister groups in Europe, Japan, and beyond, the cinema has never shied away from portraying the evil exploits of these brutal outfits. In this highly entertaining and informative book, two accomplished and apropos authors put the genre in perspective like no other author or documentarian has done before. The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies provides extensive reviews of the Top 100 gangster films of all time, including sidebars like "Reality Check," "Hit and Miss," "I Know That Guy," "Body Count," and other fun and informative features. Also included are over a dozen stand-alone chapters such as Sleeper "Hits," "Fugazi" Flops, Guilty Pleasures, Lost Treasures, Q&A Interviews with top actors and directors (including Chazz Palinteri, Michael Madsen, Joe Mantagna, and more), plus over 50 compelling photographs. Foreword by Joe Pistone, the FBI agent and mob infiltrator who wrote the bestselling book and acclaimed movie, Donnie Brasco.
Sports & Recreation

Ultimate Baseball Road Trip

Author: Josh Pahigian

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 512

View: 769

The most entertaining and comprehensive guide to every baseball fan’s dream road trip—including every new ballpark since the 2004 edition—revised and completely updated!

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Niches

Author: Janine Bray-Mueller

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand


Category: Self-Help

Page: 296

View: 608

Freelance pedagogical businesses face these challenges daily: * How can I gain visibility on the global teaching market to attract a steady stream of new students? * How do I secure an adequate income from my work as a freelance teacher? * How do I avoid capitulating to the three-year death cycle and lose my freelance teaching career? What you don't need are theoretical discussions about niches and specialising. These require you to locate your 'ideal client profile' or requires you to find 'the sweet spot' between what you love (your passion) and the price people are prepared to pay. These approaches are too vague for busy freelancers. What you need instead, is a practical hands-on system that works. The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Niches lays out a precise system showing what all freelance teachers, trainers, and coaches need to do to define a teaching niche that helps them to confidently stand out in a crowded teaching marketplace. * It clarifies what information is essential, how it attracts new students, and how it enables freelancers to monetise their teaching experience. * It provides you with the skill to write up the text for your teaching niche that will catch the interest of new students searching for private instructors.
Performing Arts

Ultimate Regeneration: The Incredible Resurrection of Doctor Who

Author: Christian Cawley

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 282

View: 841

Sourced from the controversial reviews of www.kasterborous.com, this book charts the return of Doctor Who in 2005 with the episode Rose and via regenerations and new companions takes the reader through to the departure of the man who brought the show back, Russell T Davies.
Juvenile Nonfiction

The Everything Girls Ultimate Sleepover Party Book

Author: Laura McIntyre

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 160

View: 234

It's time to party! The slumber party of your dreams is waiting for you! The Everything Girls Ultimate Sleepover Party Book is packed with ideas for throwing the most amazing sleepover party ever! From invitations to games to goodie bags--you'll find all you need for the ultimate slumber party. You can plan a simple pajama party or go all-out with a theme party, like: Glow in the dark Sugar rush Spa party Rock star diva And more! Inside, you'll find tons of ideas for colorful decorations, yummy foods and snacks, and nonstop activities for your totally unique and show-stopping celebration. This all-in-one guide has all you need to plan the epic party you and your friends will never forget!

The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip, 2nd

Author: Josh Pahigian

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Reference

Page: 512

View: 474

The most entertaining and comprehensive guide to every baseball fan’s dream road trip—including every new ballpark since the 2004 edition—revised and completely updated!