El Juego de los Espejos

Author: José L. Freire

Publisher: Palibrio


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 848

Compilacion de cuentos que parten de situaciones o momentos trascendentales del narrador (no necesariamente del autor), casi todos ellos sustentados en alguna realidad vivida, memoria y fantasia. En su conjunto, esta coleccion es un juego de espejos o escenarios en torno al efecto que producen las circunstancias de la vida en el ser humano, a la vez que aparecen temas como lo divino y lo humano, la ambiguedad de la optica humana, la ilusion, el amor el azar, el tiempo, la dicha y la desventura. Estos cuentos, en cualquier orden que sean leidos, se unen entre si para formar un continuo de tecnicas narrativas, confiando que el lector aprecie mejor la interaccion entre forma y contenido, entre la mezcla de gracia, ironia, emocion, detalle y humanidad. Las paginas se van sucediendo entre la historia de la vida, la reflexion y nuestras formas razonadas y sentimentales de ver el mundo."

Los juegos artesanos de la educación social

Author: Núñez Pérez, Violeta

Publisher: Editorial UOC


Category: Education

Page: 103

View: 258

Este libro recoge algunas cuestiones con las que Violeta Núñez ha ido tramando sus recorridos docentes: teorías pedagógicas y experiencias como enseñante. El texto postula que inventar es transgredir, y recurre al bricolaje para que cada cual ensamble fragmentos y objetos culturales y a la postproducción como actividad resultante de esa apropiación de elementos de la cultura plural. Dada la movilidad de los sujetos de la era digital y su atención dispersa en diversas fuentes simultáneas, se trata de incorporar esas modalidades a los espacios de educación, posibilitando que la atención dispersa se transforme en atención flotante. Desde esta perspectiva se plantea revisitar, en clave contemporánea, viejas teorías y experiencias pedagógicas: desarchivarlas.

Mundo Del Wampum

Author: Barry F. Schnell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 232

View: 303

Actions speak louder than words. So the best description of this book would be to pick it up, crack it open, and start rolling one’s eyeballs across the words. Or, should one be a slave to technology, download it, and begin scrolling from the top down. With either method euphoria will be experienced in approximately 232 pages or an elapsed one hour and forty-five minutes, whichever comes first. This book is everything you want it to be, and more. It’s your faithful hound at your feet. It’s the lover who never leaves angry. It’s an elixir for eternal youth. You’ll have experienced some transformation along the way. It’s difficult to speculate, exactly, on what that transformation might be. It might not even be palpable for weeks after you’ve finished the book. In many ways, you could associate it with an STD. But who’s to say if that’s a positive or negative thing in this crazy old mixed martial arts throw down we call “life?” There, I’ve said it. If that doesn’t boil it down to simple, relatable facts, nothing more that I can spew out will. Now grasp it firmly and become one.

El Ingenio ó Juego de Marro, de Punta ó Damas de Antonio de Torquemada (1547)

Author: Govert Westerveld



Category: History

Page: 230

View: 901

According to data available at this time the first draughts book written in Valencia in 1547 was titled El Ingenio o juego de marro, de punta o Damas. This is indicated by Nicolao Antonio, Bibliotheca Hispana Vetus, 1696 Volume I, page 165. I am able to write about this draughts book, because I came to possession of a copy of this book. The cost was rather high, but it was worthwhile to fly to Amsterdam in 1988 to obtain this copy, of which the original is now in unknown hands in Madrid. The positions of the diagrams, letters, and language that I could reproduce here are nearly identical to the original book, thus diagrams with almost the same nice decoration and with almost the same old Spanish letters and the same language of the XV century. Furthermore I reproduced the same positions of the diagrams, thus using the white squares for the pawns and having the long diagonal on the right hand. The drawing of the pawns and Dama are exactly the same as appearing in the original book.
Sports & Recreation

The Santurce Crabbers

Author: Thomas E. Van Hyning

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 279

View: 727

The first owner of the Santurce Crabbers, Pedrín Zorrilla, was a visionary, with many Negro League and big league contacts (he signed up Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, Roy Campanella, Ray Dandridge and Leon Day in the first decade). Santurce was the most successful winter league team of the 1950s, with three Caribbean Series titles. Roberto Clemente, Rubén Gómez, Willie Mays, Willard Brown and Bob Thurman played for the Crabbers. Tom Lasorda used to pitch for them. Santurce set up working agreements with the Giants, Orioles, Dodgers and Astros, among other teams. Earl Weaver and Frank Robinson were team managers; several Hall of Famers were early-career Crabbers. Orlando Cepeda and Tony (Tany) Pérez played their entire winter league careers with Santurce.


Author: Carlos Bellido





View: 184

Mexican American

Tiempo al juego

Author: Cristina Kahlo

Publisher: Consejo Nacional Para la Cultura y las Artes Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes Museo Mural Diego Ri


Category: Mexican American

Page: 127

View: 135

The great grand-daughter of Guillermo (and father of Frida), Cristina Kahlo, took up photography at age 13, and now, with undeniable talent, has continued to create surprising images. The series of this exhibition were taken in 2006 as a guest artist in Basel Switzerland during a city-wide celebration of Mexico's Day of the Dead.
Spanish poetry

El hacedor de juegos

Author: Rafael Jesús González



Category: Spanish poetry

Page: 54

View: 717

Business & Economics

El talento está en la red

Author: Amparo Díaz Llairó

Publisher: Editorial Almuzara


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 287

View: 655

Amparo Díaz-Llairó te enseña cómo aprovechar las redes sociales para atrapar el talento o encontrar un nuevo puesto de trabajo.

Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Spanish B Course Companion

Author: Ana Valbuena

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children



Page: 376

View: 723

The Spanish course book and Study Guide have been written specifically for the Languages B programme which will be taught from September 2011 with first assessment from May 2013. These two components are suitable for both Higher and Standard level students. These two components provide plenty of guidance and information about topics that students need to deal with the themes, text types and assessment required for the new Languages B Diploma programme. The course book covers all the core and optional topics and has a separate unit on literature. Students are given a wide variety of text types and assessment-style questions and are encouraged to think and reflect in an IB-inspired way. Further links are made throughout to Theory of Knowledge and Creativity, Action, Service. ·The most comprehensive and written specifically for the most recent Language B syllabus, including all the options ·Authentic and current Spanish texts resonate with learners and drive discussion, strengthening critical thought ·
Language Arts & Disciplines

MYP Spanish Language Acquisition (Capable)

Author: Cristóbal González Salgado

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


View: 280

Developed directly with the IB to be fully integrated with the revised MYP Language Acquisition framework, for first teaching in 2020. This comprehensive, inquiry-based resource equips learners to acquire and practice essential language skills while developing wider conceptual and contextual awareness. An inquiry-led, concept-based approach applies key and related concepts to relevant learning material, helping you fully deliver the MYP approach and build meaningful conceptual connections. Fully comprehensive, the resource addresses all the topics suggested in the MYP Language Acquisition Framework to help learners progress into the Diploma Programme.

Un Nino Los Pastoreara

Author: Harold C. Segura

Publisher: Editorial Mundo Hispano


Category: Religion

Page: 115

View: 345



Author: United States. Department of State. Central Translating Office



Category: America


View: 126