Under the Radar Michigan

Author: Tom Daldin



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The host and producers of Under the Radar Michigan, a PBS television series, provide the travel destinations of their first 50 episodes. "If you're looking for great Michigan places to explore, vacation, eat, live, start a business or just relax, this book is for you. Chapter by chapter, we take you along on our first fifty episodes and discover great Michigan cities, interesting people, incredible restaurants, romantic spaces and great places to vacation with the whole family."--Page [4] of cover.
Political Science

Women's Rights in the USA

Author: Dorothy E. McBride

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 414

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Women’s Rights in the USA is a rigorous examination of the intersection of gender roles and public policy and the implications for feminist activists. The book places full information on state and federal statutes and court decisions in the context of the ebb and flow of debates that have engaged the public since the founding of the Republic. This fifth edition includes updates on all topics and expanded attention to same-sex marriage and lesbian issues, pay equity, conservative trends in courts, and women in elective politics. This text is a resource for the inquiry into women’s rights politics and policies. It is a record of the changes in the major areas affecting gender roles and the status of women: constitutional law, political participation, reproduction, family law, education, work and pay, work and family, sexuality and economic status. It is more than a recital of laws, statutes and court decisions. The chapters focus on the development of the changes in debates over these issues and how the debates produce laws and provide the environment for their administration and interpretation. It also highlights the role, and impact, of feminists in the debates.

Precambrian: Conterminous U.S.

Author: John C. Reed, Jr.

Publisher: Geological Society of America


Category: Science

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Pamela J.W. Gore highlights the Precambrian Era, which covers approximately four billion years of Earth history. Gore includes information on the Hadean eon, Archean rocks and life, chemical evidence for the origin of life, fossils, and more. Gore also provides pertinent images, as well as links to related sites.

The Michigan Alumnus


Publisher: UM Libraries




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In v.1-8 the final number consists of the Commencement annual.
Jet propulsion

ARS Journal




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Beginning Oct. 1959 some issues include "Russian supplement."