Business & Economics

The Voluntary Sector in the United Kingdom

Author: Jeremy Kendall

Publisher: Manchester University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 316

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This text presents an account of the voluntary sector's development and current position in the UK. The authors begin by defining voluntary organizations and then briefly outline their history, going on to explain the voluntary sector in relation to law, education and the state. The text concludes with a discussion of policy issues - including the crucial issue of how voluntary organizations can survive in the 1990s and beyond.

Perspectives from United Kingdom and United States Policy Makers on Obesity Prevention

Author: Institute of Medicine

Publisher: National Academies Press


Category: Medical

Page: 96

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Both the United Kingdom and the United States are grappling with nationwide epidemics of obesity. Obesity contributes to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers, among other diseases. Although many people are aware of obesity's causes and consequences, few see it as a problem for their own families--despite clinical evidence to the contrary. Given this disconnect between perception and reality, policy makers in both countries struggle to find a way to reach people to encourage change. The IOM brought together policy makers from the U.K. and U.S. for a workshop on October 22, 2009, to discuss the challenges of and promising approaches to the struggle against obesity. Presenters spoke about current policies, programs, and partnerships that are addressing the obesity epidemic and evidence for effective strategies to change perception and behaviors. The workshop, summarized in this document, provided an opportunity for both countries to learn from each other's efforts and to consider how to apply new strategies at home.
Political Science

Life in the United Kingdom

Author: Life in the United Kingdom Advisory Group

Publisher: The Stationery Office


Category: Political Science

Page: 191

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This compendium of information aims primarily to assist teachers of English as a second language, mentors and others helping immigrants to integrate, It will also help immigrants who have workable English and who are required to take a citizenship test if they apply for naturalisation as Briitsh citizens. Sections include: the making of the United Kingdom (history); a changing society; a profile of Britain today; how Britain is governed; everyday needs (housing, health, education, money, leisure etc); employment; sources of help; knowing the law.
Juvenile Nonfiction

United Kingdom in Pictures

Author: Kumari Campbell

Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 80

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Discusses the geography, history and government, people, cultural life, and economy of the United Kingdom.
Business & Economics

Pension Schemes and Pension Funds in the United Kingdom

Author: David Blake

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 725

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Never has there been so much media interest in pensions as there is currently. Never has the pensions world changed so rapidly as it has over the last few years; we have seen the introduction of a new state supplementary pension scheme, new stakeholder pensions, and a flood of companiesclosing their final salary schemes and replacing them with defined contribution schemes. Never have there been so many complaints about our pension system; about the state pension falling behind earnings, about the misselling of personal pensions, about the perceived poor value of annuities, andabout high charges and poor investment performance. This new edition of Pension Schemes and Pension Funds in the United Kingdom provides the latest information on all the key state and private pension schemes operating in the UK, including: the basic state pension, minimum income guarantee and pension credit; the state second pension; company pensionschemes; and personal and stakeholder pension schemes. It does this within the context of the long historical development of the UK pensions system since medieval times. It also examines government pensions policy over the last twenty years, in particular the reduction in state pensions and thetransfer of the burden of pension provision to the funded private sector. It also examines future trends and future concerns, such as increasing longevity and the adequacy of savings for retirement when people are young and in work. As most pension schemes are funded, the author also examines the latest issues in pension funding, such as the new accounting standard FRS17, active and passive fund management, investment risk budgeting and management, global investment performance standards, short-termism and the Myners review ofinstitutional investment. The book concludes with a proposal for the Ideal Pension Scheme.