Beggars Banquet and the Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Revolution

Author: Russell Reising

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Music

Page: 216

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The Rolling Stones’ Beggars Banquet is one of the seminal albums in rock history. Arguably it not only marks the advent of the ‘mature’ sound of the Rolling Stones but lays out a new blueprint for an approach to blues-based rock music that would endure for several decades. From its title to the dark themes that pervade some of its songs, Beggars Banquet reflected and helped define a moment marked by violence, decay, and upheaval. It marked a move away from the artistic sonic flourishes of psychedelic rock towards an embrace of foundational streams of American music – blues, country – that had always underpinned the music of the Stones but assumed new primacy in their music after 1968. This move coincided with, and anticipated, the ‘roots’ moves that many leading popular music artists made as the 1960s turned toward a new decade; but unlike many of their peers whose music grew more ‘soft’ and subdued as they embraced traditional styles, the music and attitude of the Stones only grew harder and more menacing, and their status as representatives of the dark underside of the 60s rock counterculture assumed new solidity. For the Rolling Stones, the 1960s ended and the 1970s began with the release of this album in 1968.

Untitled Jo Wood Memoir

Author: Dr Jo Wood





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When young model and mother Jo met rock star Ronnie Wood, she had no idea what her brief flirtation with this brilliant, charismatic musician would become. This is a moving and candid memoir from the woman who married the most controversial member of the Rolling Stones, and had the strength and courage to bounce back from heartbreak.

It's Only Rock and Roll

Author: David S. Rubin

Publisher: Prestel Pub


Category: Art

Page: 154

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Traces the imagery in contemporary art that has been inspired by rock and roll from its beginnings in the 1950s right up to 1995. The book is not confined to reviewing the works of well-known artists, it includes a cross-section of the many lesser known names influenced by the culture
Biography & Autobiography

Heroin is the Answer

Author: Russell Holbrook

Publisher: Necromancer's Rainbow


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 169

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Discover a powerful story of drugs, addiction, and the struggle to break free. Russell Holbrook was a good Christian kid from a good home. He had friends, family, love, and opportunity. As a teenager in college, playing in an indie rock band with a record deal, and having a blast, it seemed that life couldn't get any more fun or exciting. Then he found drugs. It started off so innocent and fun. But, the good times didn't roll for very long. Told with dry humor and honesty, Heroin is the Answer swerves effortlessly between poignant self-reflection and flowing poetry to provide a unique, sometimes bleak journey into the devastating grip of addiction. Whether you suffer from your own addiction, or if you want a peek inside the addict's mind, this memoir is for you. You’ll witness Russell’s descent from joyful experimentation to miserable dependence, to glimpses of hope and the beginnings of a slow climb to a clean and sober life. Heroin is the Answer is a moving combination of memoir and dramatic poetry, crafted with an artistry and surreal detail that only someone who has experienced it can tell. Grab your copy now and experience the grip of addiction like never before!

The South of the Mind

Author: Zachary J. Lechner

Publisher: University of Georgia Press


Category: History

Page: 232

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"This interdisciplinary work is driven by the question, 'What can imaginings of the South reveal about the recent American past?' In it, Zachary J. Lechner bridges the fields of southern studies, southern history, and post-World War II American cultural and popular culture history in an effort to discern how conceptions of a tradition-bound, 'timeless' South shaped Americans' views of themselves and their society and served as a fantasied refuge from the era's political and cultural fragmentations, namely, the perceived problems associated with urbanization and 'rootlessness.' The book demonstrates that we cannot hope to understand recent U.S. history without exploring how people have conceived the South"--

Music at the Extremes

Author: Scott A. Wilson

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Music

Page: 276

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Away from the spotlight of the pop charts and the demands of mainstream audiences, original music is still being played and audiences continue to engage with innovative artists. This collection of fresh essays gathers together critical writing on such genres as Power Electronics, Black Metal, Neo-Folk, Martial Industrial, Hard-Core Punk and Horrorcore. The contributors report from the periphery of the music world, seeking to understand these new genres, how fans connect with artists and how artists engage with their audiences. Diverse music scenes are covered, from small-town New Zealand to Washington, D.C., and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Artists discussed include Coil, Laibach, Whitehouse, Insane Clown Posse, Wolves in the Throne Room, Turisas, Tyr, GG Allin and many others.

Back to Schoolin'

Author: Kevin Courtright

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Music

Page: 416

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Back to Schoolin' is the culmination of years of conscious and subconscious study in the school of music known as Led Zeppelin. Having studied the band and its music for nearly thirty years, author Kevin Courtright has acquired a tremendous body of knowledge and insight into music and the music business which is modeled by Zeppelin. He presents this knowledge through three major categories: The Music, the Presentation and Relationships, and the Business. Dispersed within these three major categories are a total of thirty-two chapters, each of which is broken into three sections: The Inspiration, the Information, and the Implementation. Mr. Courtright's goal is to pass on this body of knowledge to others, whether musicians or not. The book is fascinating in its presentation, and educational in its content. Back to Schoolin' is recommended reading for anyone interested in not just rock music, but music in general. Kevin Courtright is a Los Angeles-based composer and author whose latest opus is the book Back to Schoolin': What Led Zeppelin Taught Me About Music. With 25 years of composing and study behind him and a long-time devotion to the beauty and intricacies of progressive rock music, Kevin is in a unique position to illustrate the far-reaching and lasting impact of one of the most influential musical groups of the 20th Century. Born outside the District of Columbia, raised near the City by the Bay and transplanted to Los Angeles, Kevin manages to escape his schooling with his creativity intact. His skill as a writer leads to the writing and directing of the hilarious mockumentary "Man On Top." He steps away from the keyboard once a week to teach from the greatest book ever written and on Sundays you will find him lending his bass voice to the Choir of Grace Community Church.
Biography & Autobiography

And in the End

Author: Ken McNab

Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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Ken McNab's in-depth look at The Beatles' acrimonious final year is a detailed account of the breakup featuring the perspectives of all four band members and their roles. A must to add to the collection of Beatles fans, And In the End is full of fascinating information available for the first time. McNab reconstructs for the first time the seismic events of 1969, when The Beatles reached new highs of creativity and new lows of the internal strife that would destroy them. Between the pressure of being filmed during rehearsals and writing sessions for the documentary Get Back, their company Apple Corps facing bankruptcy, Lennon's heroin use, and musical disagreements, the group was arguing more than ever before and their formerly close friendship began to disintegrate. In the midst of this rancour, however, emerged the disharmony of Let It Be and the ragged genius of Abbey Road, their incredible farewell love letter to the world.