Visions of a Future

Author: Zachary Hayes

Publisher: Liturgical Press


Category: Religion

Page: 213

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The early part of this book is concerned with what it is in human existence that is addressed by the message of hope in the Scriptures. The final four chapters present that divine promise for human destiny and the understanding of it as it is reflected on in contemporary theology. Although directed mainly to advanced students of theology, this book discusses issues which are of interest to many believers today whose knowledge about matters of religion has not kept pace with their knowledge of the secular disciplines.
Social Science

Visions of the Future

Author: Robert Heilbroner

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 144

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"This is an exceedingly long short book, stretching at least fifty thousand years into the past and who knows how many into the future." So begins Visions of the Future, the prophetic new book by eminent economist Robert Heilbroner. Heilbroner's basic premise is stunning in its elegant simplicity. He contends that throughout all of human history, despite the huge gulf in social organization, technological development, and cultural achievement that divides us from the earliest known traces of homo sapiens, there have really only been three distinct ways of looking at the future. During a period Heilbroner refers to simply as the Distant Past, stretching from prehistory to the appearance of modern nation-states in seventeenth century Europe, there was no notion of a future measurably and materially different from the present or the past. From the Stone Age to the Bronze, Mesopotamia and Egypt to Greece and Rome, and throughout the Middle Ages, a continuum of cultures and civilizations shared one defining expectation--the absence of any expectation of material progress for the great masses of people. Heilbroner maintains that it was not until the first stirrings of the period he refers to as Yesterday, spanning from roughly 1700 to 1950, that the future entered into human consciousness as a great beckoning force. Capitalism, continually reinvigorated by the seemingly endless forward march of science and an evolving sense of democracy, appeared to promise all levels of society some expectation of a future at least somewhat better than the past. It was this unwavering faith in the superiority of the future that separated Yesterday from the age we have now entered, that of Today. While we are still driven towards tomorrow by the same forces that determined the recent past, the lessons of Hiroshima and Chernobyl, the chaos in the former Soviet Union, the stagnation of the West, and the anarchic rage unleashed in our inner cities and in hot spots around the globe have brought on a palpable anxiety that is quite apart from both the resignation of the Distant Past or the bright optimism of Yesterday. In a brilliant conclusion drawing together the threat of nuclear blackmail, global warming and the growing commodification of life represented by video games, voice mail, and VCRs, Visions of the Future issues a call to face the challenges of the twenty-first century with a new resolve strengthened by the inspiration of our collective past.

Visions of the Future

Author: David Hicks

Publisher: Trentham Books Limited


Category: Citizenship

Page: 160

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IF one of the key roles of education is to prepare young people for the future why is the future a missng dimension in education? This book breaks new ground by bringing together three crucial concerns: the central role that images of the future play in social and cultural change; the nature of young people's hopes and fears for the future; and the need for schools to educate for a future that will be very different from the present. Part 1 looks at the role of education in turbulent tims and how students can be prepared more effectively for life in the 21st century. Part 2 describes recent research on primary and secondary pupils' views of the future and explores how hopes and fears vary by age and gender. Part 3 contains case studies of good curriculum practice and consideration of the wider implications for whole-school policy. This book should be of interest to all who work in primary, secondary and initial teacher education. It should be of particular value in shaping staff development and whole-school policy and for people working in child development, the humanities, personal and social education, citizenship and environmental education.
Civilization, Modern

Visions of the Future

Author: Robert L. Heilbroner



Category: Civilization, Modern

Page: 133

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Heilbroner's basic premise is stunning in its simplicity. He contends that throughout all of human history there have really only been three distinct ways of looking at the future.
Body, Mind & Spirit

Prophetic Visions of the Future

Author: Diane Stein

Publisher: Crossing Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 228

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We all want to know what will happen to the earth and to those who come after us, our children and our grandchildren. Diane, seeking an answer, has gone to women visionaries and seers: women who channel the future and those who bring it to life in their writings. This is the time, Diane avers, for women to define what needs to be changed and begin to do the work. By women's power of thought and creation, we together can make a better world.
Literary Criticism

Visions of the Future

Author: Maureen Perkins

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 270

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A study of almanacs and popular belief in astrology in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with some discussion of the production and readership of almanacs in Australia.

Visions of the Future

Author: J Daniel Batt

Publisher: Lifeboat Foundation



Page: 732

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Visions of the Future is a collection of stories and essays including Nebula and Hugo award-winning works. In this anthology, you'll find stories and essays about artificial intelligence, androids, faster-than-light travel, and the extension of human life. You'll read about the future of human institutions and culture. But these literary works are more than just a reprisal of the classical elements of science fiction and futurism. At their core, each of these pieces has one consistent, repeated theme: us. Other Lifeboat Foundation books include The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen - and What to Do and Prospects for Human Survival.
Literary Criticism

Visions of the Future in Comics

Author: Francesco-Alessio Ursini,

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

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Across generations and genres, comics have imagined different views of the future, from unattainable utopias to worrisome dystopias. These presaging narratives can be read as reflections of their authors’ (and readers’) hopes, fears and beliefs about the present. This collection of new essays explores the creative processes in comics production that bring plausible futures to the page. The contributors investigate portrayals in different stylistic traditions—manga, bande desinées—from a variety of theoretical perspectives. The picture that emerges documents the elaborate storylines and complex universes comics creators have been crafting for decades.

Visions of the Future

Author: Brahma Kumaris

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 100

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Seldom in our lives do we get the chance to discover real secrets.You hold in your hands collected statements on the future of the world: whowe are and where we are going.This material covers intriguing topics such as the future of science, the thirdworld war, the establishment of heaven and the method to build yourinternal state of mind so that you can pass through any transition.This book covers statements made by God over the past few decades.The Brahma kumaris call Him THE Incorporeal Supreme Soul, the SupremeFather Shiva.


Author: J. H. Brennan

Publisher: Thorsons Pub


Category: Philosophy

Page: 224

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Nostradamus predicted many of today's events - the Middle East crisis, the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, as well as some more to come including a catastrophe in 1999. This book examines the scientific evidence for the validity of Nostradamus's predictions, plus their similarity with other predictions such as the papal succession by Saint Malachy. The book concentrates on contemporary world events and how they fit into the Nostradamus scenario and includes information about the Gorbachov/Yeltsin partnership and its duration. J.H. Brennan is the author of Astral Doorways and Experimental Magic.

Revelation Revisited

Author: Chris Hansen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 150

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St. John served Jesus Christ faithfully for many years. He finds himself under arrest by the Roman empire, and all alone on the island of Patmos. At his lowest moment, Jesus in all his glory appears to him and shows John terrifying and beautiful visions of the future. This clear and moving account of what John saw will be very easy to understand, and very hard to forget!
Illustration of books

Visions of the Future

Author: Patricia E. Hornsey



Category: Illustration of books

Page: 122

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Nostradamus and Visions of the Future

Author: Allan Hall



Category: Divination

Page: 80

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Predictions of Nostradamus - Other prophets and psychics including St Malachy, Mother Shipton, John Dee, Cagliostro, Wolf Messing, Karl Ernest Krafft, Joan Quigley, J. Z. Knight and Jack Pursel, Jeane Dixon.

Education & Technology

Author: DIANE Publishing Company

Publisher: DIANE Publishing



Page: 161

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Includes: schooling and learning in an information society (the 3 great codes and the creation of human culture); learning and teaching in 2004: the BIG DIG; the future of teaching; year 2005: using technology to build communities of understanding; and public school teachers using machines in the next decade (spread of computers in schools: confusion over access, use, and innovation). Also: is there a Federal role? will promising visions become a reality? key issues for future visions of educational technology; technology and school reform: setting the context, and more.

Visions of the Future: Physics and Electronics

Author: J. M. T. Thompson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Science

Page: 213

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Leading young scientists give engaging reviews of their research areas and exciting visions of future developments.
Artificial satellites in telecommunication

Recent Successful Satellite Systems

Author: D. K. Sachdev

Publisher: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Incorporated


Category: Artificial satellites in telecommunication

Page: 485

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