Vlog Like a Boss

Author: Amy Schmittauer



Category: Blogs

Page: 218

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Contains tips and advise from a veteran vlogger on how to make great vlogs other people will want to watch.
Business & Economics

How to Build Wealth Like a Boss

Author: Zac M. Cruz

Publisher: Zac M. Cruz


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 168

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Are you okay with not knowing what your financial life will look like in 10 years or more? Are you worried about never being able to retire? Would you like to create new passive income streams that make money while you sleep? If so, then keep reading.. Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant. --P.T. Barnum The reality is that most of the stress and discomfort that people experience every day is largely caused by money woes. It is estimated that in most western countries, up to 80% of people are tied up to some kind of debt. Most people have next to nothing in savings and have no clue about how to start taking control of their finances. Most people believe that you are either good at managing your money or you aren't, and take this for granted. However, this couldn't be much further from the truth. In this book, you'll discover: -How to get out of all the debt you've accumulated in record time. -How to effortlessly identify which type of spending is causing you the most damage. -An stress-free way to begin investing and multiplying you money without spending much time or mental energy. -How to manage your money like a pro, even if you find numbers scary. -How to create a safety net around you that will act as a powerful defense against unexpected financial troubles. -And much more... Learning how to create powerful new habits that will support your financial goals can be easy if you have the right road map. It's not rocket science and you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner. It can also have lots of positive benefits that will spill over into multiple areas of your life. As with anything money-related, time is your best ally. Start making smart decisions and begin to multiply your money today by scrolling up and clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page
Language Arts & Disciplines

How To Write Non Fiction

Author: Joanna Penn

Publisher: Curl Up Press via PublishDrive


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 360

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Do you want to write a non-fiction book but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you worry that you're not ‘the expert' or have enough authority in your niche to write a book on it? Are you ready to help other people and change your own life with your words? The first non-fiction book I wrote changed my life. Sure, it helped other people, but mostly it altered the course of my life – so much so that 10 years later, I make a living with my writing. I've written seven other non-fiction books and co-written two more and built a multi-six-figure income around my non-fiction eco-system. In this book, I'll share everything I've learned along the way and save you time, effort and frustration on your author journey. The book includes: PART 1. Before You Write: Mindset Why write a non-fiction book? Can I write a book if I'm not the expert? Originality. Or, there are so many other books on this topic Who are you? Personal stories and the writer's voice The day a non-fiction book changed my life Fear and self-doubt PART 2. Before You Write: Business Types of non-fiction books Business models for non-fiction books Who is your book for? Identify your target market Decide on the topic for your book Decide on your book title Your author name and pseudonyms How long does your book have to be? How long will it take to write the book? Your perspective on time Writing a book proposal PART 3. Writing and Editing Gather and organize existing material Research, interviews, surveys, and social listening Structure and organize the book How to write the first draft How to dictate your book Turn your blog/podcasts/videos/talks into a book Speed and quality Focus and shiny object syndrome Writer's block Co-writing a non-fiction book How to turn a boring book into an engaging read Elements of fiction in non-fiction Truth and perfectionism Legal issues: Using real people, quotes, lyrics, images, and citing sources Self-editing a book How to find and work with professional editors PART 4. Publishing and Product Creation Your publishing options The different formats for your book Non-fiction book covers Book formatting for non-fiction Pricing your book Your book sales description Categories and keywords Turn your non-fiction book into a multimedia course Updating your books over time PART 5. Marketing Non-Fiction Two models of marketing and the importance of mindset Book-centered marketing Paid advertising for non-fiction books Author-centered marketing. The power of a personal brand Build your author website Build an email list Integrate email marketing with your book Content marketing for non-fiction books My non-fiction marketing journey Conclusion and your next steps. It's time to (finally) write your non-fiction book. Download a sample or buy now and start writing.

Your Holistic Business Recipe

Author: Helen Harding

Publisher: Aeon Books


Category: Medical

Page: 180

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A handbook created for practitioners working in health and well-being who want to build a thriving, sustainable practice, their way. Whether they are new or have been in practice for years, many find marketing and running a business overwhelming. This book simplifies the process and supports practitioners in making the right choices for themselves. By creating their own recipe for their business based on their values, strengths, and the people they help, they can succeed where others fail. Exercises and action points help them move through the process and address any mindset challenges as they go.
Business & Economics


Author: Jason Falls

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press


Category: Business & Economics


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Winfluence by award-winning digital strategist Jason Falls, is THE authoritative book about influencer marketing from the perspective of businesses and brands. An invaluable guidebook for marketing managers, small business owners, marketing consultants and agencies alike, the book explains how influencers came to be, how they came to be so powerful, why so many brands are counting on influencer marketing for business success and how anyone who is not, now can. This book not only explains the who, what, when, where, and why of influencer marketing but then adds the how—more specifically and predictably than other books can hope for. It offers detailed guidelines, case studies, cutting-edge ideas, how-tos for measuring success, and more to help any business owner, marketer, agency account person, or digital strategist see and seize the opportunity to drive business results. Through a series of narrative stories, interviews, and case studies, the book illustrates how to take what many people consider good influencer marketing to a new level of success from a long-tail perspective—not short-term, one-off executions.
Business & Economics

Vlog Like A Boss

Author: Amy Schmittaver

Publisher: Elex Media Komputindo


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

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Vlog Like a Boss akan menunjukkan kepada Anda bagaimana caranya mendesain rumus kesuksesan video Anda supaya Anda dapat menyebarkan pesan Anda dan membangun komunitas yang mendukung Anda seumur hidup.
Business & Economics

The Successful Speaker

Author: Grant Baldwin

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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Do you have a message you want to get out into the world? Have you ever dreamed of speaking for a living? Is there something you have to say but just aren't sure what to do next? The Successful Speaker is a proven, easy-to-follow guide to helping you do just that. Whether you want to speak at your next board meeting or community gathering, start making some extra money on the side, or become a full-time professional speaker, Grant Baldwin knows how to get you from here to there. Why? Because he's done it himself and has coached over 2,000 speakers. In The Successful Speaker, you will learn the five-step road map to start and scale a speaking business from the ground up, including - how to hone your message and know exactly who it's for - the preparation process to help your next speech move an audience to action - what it takes to establish yourself as an in-demand expert - practical steps to finding and booking paid speaking gigs - how to know when it's time to grow your impact and income In each chapter, you will get specific action steps and case studies from professional speakers (including some of the most successful communicators in the world) to put you on the fast track to booking gigs, getting paid, and building your speaking platform.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Producing New and Digital Media

Author: James Cohen

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

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Producing New and Digital Media is your essential guide to understanding new media, taking a deep dive into such topics as the cultural and social impacts of the web, the importance of digital literacy, and creating in an online environment. This cutting edge text provides an introductory, hands-on approach to creating user-generated content, coding, cultivating an online brand, and storytelling in new and digital media. In showing you how to navigate the world of digital media and complete digital tasks, this book not only teaches you how to use the web, but also helps you understand why you use it. Key features for the second edition include: Coverage of up-to-date forms of communication on the web: memes, viral videos, social media, and more pervasive types of online languages. New chapters on YouTube influencers and on-demand subscription television. Each chapter has media literacy sidebars, sample assignments, and activities. Updates to the companion website additional materials for students and instructors Thoughtful, entertaining, and enlightening, this is the fundamental textbook for students of new and digital media, digital culture and media literacy, as well as a useful resource for anyone wanting to understand and develop their presence in our digital world.

Shakespeare and Quotation

Author: Julie Maxwell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Drama

Page: 316

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Shakespeare is both the world's most quoted author and a frequent quoter himself. This volume unites these creative practices.
Young Adult Fiction

My Life Gone Viral

Author: Rae Earl

Publisher: Imprint


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 320

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For fans of Girl Online and Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, Rae Earl's My Life Gone Viral (the sequel to My Life Uploaded) is a quirky, irresistible story that tackles the unpredictability, joy, and insecurity of life online. Millie Porter finally has everything she wanted. But it doesn’t make her feel the way she thought it would... The pressure of having to create a great vlog forces Millie to take risks that her usual sensible self would never take. And soon, everything starts changing before her eyes—she’s not getting along with her boyfriend, her former enemy suddenly wants to be her best friend, and she’s unwillingly involved in her mom’s dating life. Plus, the boy she thought was her totally, completely, non-romantic buddy is now feeling like anything but. Can Millie balance it all? She is about to find out and share it all online. An Imprint Book Praise for My Life Uploaded: "Quite excellent." —Kirkus Reviews