Juvenile Fiction

The Warlord's Alarm

Author: Virginia Walton Pilegard

Publisher: Pelican Publishing


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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While traveling to an important feast in ancient China, Chuan and his friend Jing Jing devise a water "alarm" clock to make sure their party reaches the emperor's palace before rival warlords. Includes a brief history of water clocks and instructions formaking one.
Juvenile Fiction

The Warlord's Kites

Author: Pilegard, Virginia Walton

Publisher: Pelican Publishing


Category: Juvenile Fiction


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When a hostile army attacks the warlord's palace in ancient China, Chuan and his friend, Jing Jing, find an ingenious way to scare them off using simple kites. Includes instructions for making a kite from a paper bag.
Games & Activities

Onimusha Warlords

Author: Mario De Govia



Category: Games & Activities

Page: 93

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Detailed 3-D Maps Complete game walkthrough Hardcore game secrets Solutions to all puzzles Locations of all powerful gems Thorough descriptions of all fighting moves and weapons Essential tactics for all boss battles Sealed secrects section

Warlords of Republican Rome

Author: Nic Fields

Publisher: Casemate Publishers


Category: History

Page: 238

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The fateful clash between two of history's greatest generals . . . The war between Caesar and Pompey was one of the defining moments in Roman history. The clash between these great generals gripped the attention of their contemporaries and it has fascinated historians ever since. These powerful men were among the dominant personalities of their age, and their struggle for supremacy divided Rome. In this original and perceptive study Nic Fields explores the complex, often brutal world of Roman politics and the lethal rivalry of Caesar and Pompey that grew out of it. He reconsiders them as individuals and politicians and, above all, as soldiers. His highly readable account of this contest for power gives a vivid insight into the rise and fall of two of the greatest warlords of the ancient world.Dr Nic Fields is an ancient historian with special expertise in the history of Greek and Roman warfare. He has published many articles and several monographs on the subject. Before turning to ancient history, he served as an officer in the Royal Marines. He is a former assistant director at the British School at Athens, and he has worked as a lecturer and guide, in particular for the Smithsonian Institute. He has also taught American undergraduates on study-abroad programs at institutions such as Beaver College in Athens and The Athens Centre.

Game Design Foundations

Author: Roger Pedersen

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers


Category: Computers

Page: 384

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Game Design Foundations, Second Edition covers how to design the game from the important opening sentence, the “One Pager” document, the Executive Summary and Game Proposal, the Character Document to the Game Design Document. The book describes game genres, where game ideas come from, game research, innovation in gaming, important gaming principles such as game mechanics, game balancing, AI, path finding and game tiers. The basics of programming, level designing, and film scriptwriting are explained by example. Each chapter has exercises to hone in on the newly learned designer skills that will display your work as a game designer and your knowledge in the game industry.
Political Science

Warlords Rising

Author: Troy S. Thomas

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: Political Science

Page: 254

View: 151

As non-state armed groups gain greater access to resources and networks through global interconnectivity, they have come to dominate the terrain of illegal trade in drugs, guns, and humans. Warlords Rising arms those confronting the mounting non-state challenge by delivering an innovative, interdisciplinary framework of analysis designed to improve understanding of non-state adversaries in order to affect their development and performance.

War, Will, and Warlords


Publisher: Government Printing Office


Category: History


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Compares the reasons for and the responses to the insurgencies in Afghanistan and Pakistan since October 2001. Also examines the lack of security and the support of insurgent groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan since the 1970s that explain the rise of the Pakistan-supported Taliban. Explores the border tribal areas between the two countries and how they influence regional stability and U.S. security. Explains the implications of what happened during this 10-year period to provide candid insights on the prospects and risks associated with bringing a durable stability to this area of the world.

From Apes to Warlords

Author: Solly Zuckerman Baron Zuckerman



Category: Science

Page: 447

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Dungeons and Drgaons (Game)


Author: Bastion Press, Incorporated

Publisher: Bastion Press, Inc.


Category: Dungeons and Drgaons (Game)

Page: 160

View: 906

The vast red desert of Arena sprawls south and westward from the nurturing plains of Penance. Spurred onward by the ancient promise of gold buried beneath the sands, massive armies of brutal warriors rumble across the scarred and wasted terrain. For the fortunate few, the ultimate dream of Arena still comes true - immeasurable riches, supreme command, and decades of extravagant and luxurious living atop the Queen's pedestal of pleasure. For most however, whatever dreams they may harbor are soundly crushed under years of backbreaking labor, constant battle, exhausting marches, gruesome butchery, and an infinity of accursed crimson sand.For the prospective Warlord, a sea of troubled choices and impossible trials awaits. Can you lead your army to victory against the savage legions of Minos Spar, the terrible war golems of Asheanna, or the unnatural technology of Ossian? Will your hidden mine escape the attention of the flying navies of the Grand Asherake? Strategy, fortune, alliances, and leadership are your only weapons in this endless and unforgiving struggle for wealth, power, and glory.Oathbound: Arena provides a new entry point into the world of the Forge. This is the Domain of Barbello, the Mask of Fury, the invincible mistress of rage, pain, warfare, and death. Who amongst you can withstand her test?
Political leadership


Author: Simon Berthon

Publisher: Politico's Publishing


Category: Political leadership

Page: 369

View: 320

History has often sought to document the Second World War through the experiences of the millions of people who fought it and suffered it. Warlords does something quite different. By using their own words and the words of those who observed them at the time, the book unravels the psychology of the four wartime leaders as history's greatest conflict unfolds. It reveals the strengths and weaknesses of four men in the making of decisions with consequences for the whole world. Moving from Whitehall and Washington to the Wolf's Lair and the Kremlin, Warlords documents the psychological battle between the war leaders and shows how their thoughts and actions changed history.

Warlords III

Author: Rick Barba

Publisher: Prima Publishing


Category: Games

Page: 240

View: 610

Warlords III is fully multi-player capable, providing options to play against opponents on LAN, the Internet, direct modem, hot seat, and e-mail. To keep up with this customizable game, players will need "Warlords III: The Official Strategy Guide".

Civil Government in Warlord China

Author: Ronald Stanley Suleski

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: History

Page: 302

View: 373

From 1916 to 1928 powerful warlords unleashed their armies in search of territory and political power and China seemed on the verge of total collapse. Instead, a surprising amount of economic growth and modernization took place as new businesses were established, telegraph and telephone lines constructed, commercial highways and railroads built, currency reforms put in place and chambers of commerce organized to bolster local merchants. In the northeast provinces of Manchuria the warlord Zhang Zuolin was confronted by Fengtian Civil Governor Wang Yongjiang, who brought a vitality to the region that was the envy of the rest of China. Wang was motivated by the traditional ethic that civil officials had a responsibility toward local society. However, long-established values did not preclude the introduction of new-style institutions or economic organization. The resultant combination of tradition and modernization allowed China to overcome the disruptions of warlord depredations and to experience regional economic growth and periods of surprising social stability.
Business & Economics

The Equity Premium Puzzle, Intrinsic Growth & Monetary Policy An Unexpected Solution Theory & Strategy for the Coming Jobless Age

Author: Robert Shuler

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 162

This book suggests we should adjust money supply to account for productivity if deflation is to be avoided. The central banker is not profit oriented and can create money at will, not be subject to rational investor constraints. Businesses leverage low interest rates enforced by the central bank to grow and increase employment, compensating for the reduced labor necessary for the former level of goods and services. This leveraged difference in returns is the equity premium. Even a one time productivity increase requires a corresponding permanent increase not in the money supply itself, but in the "rate of increase" of the money supply. Given the steady growth in productivity of the last 100 years, the world economy is now grossly under-stimulated and in danger of precipitous deflation. Both academic models and arguments based on historical events are presented, along with analysis of the meaning of money, investor behavior, and practical techniques for obtaining the equity premium in one's portfolio.
Language Arts & Disciplines

2001 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market

Author: Barbara Kuroff



Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 688

View: 440

Listing markets, agents, publishers, and more, this comprehensive guide is an author's best reference. "One of the best guides to fiction writer's markets available".--"American Reference Book Annual".