Way, Learning, and Politics

Author: Wei-ming Tu

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 202

View: 433

Tu (Chinese history and philosophy, Harvard U.) offers a panoramic view of the core values of Confucian intellectual thought that have kept it vital for more than two millennia, and underlie the recent resurgence in eastern Asia. Of interest to students of either China or religion and ethics. Paper edition (unseen), $14.95. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Recreating Sexual Politics

Author: Victor J. Seidler



Category: Feminism

Page: 311

View: 423

Designed for students of sociology, philosophy and women's studies, this study by the author of Rediscovering Masculinity examines sexual politics in a world which has been indelibly shaped by feminism.

Learning and Work and the Politics of Working Life

Author: Terri Seddon

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 248

View: 602

This thought-provoking, empirically researched book questions prevailing debates about compliance in work, education and lifelong learning, and affirms the importance of the politics of working life in a globalised world.

Learning as a Political Act

Author: José A. Segarra

Publisher: Harvard Educational Review Reprint Series


Category: Education

Page: 357

View: 965

In this remarkable collection of educational journeys toward learning and liberation, students, scholars, and activists bring to life the ideas and histories of groups that have been silenced in mainstream educational arenas. The rich variety of learners in learning as a political act -- including Chicana women, Puerto Rican schoolchildren, Eritrean women, Hmong college women -- challenges our assumptions about learning. Gender, ethnic identity, class, national allegiance, age, sexuality -- all of these are dealt with from the vantage points of people engaged in struggles to learn and, through learning, to reach beyond where they are.
Biography & Autobiography

Learning Politics From Sivaram

Author: Mark Whitaker

Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 251

View: 623

This is the story of the life and impact of the political activist, journalist and freedom-fighter Sivaram Dharmeratnam, who dedicated his life to helping the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.He started out as an active participant in the war against the Sri Lankan government - and was labelled a 'terrorist'. Yet he stepped away from ruthless violence. Instead, he became a high profile journalist in the Sri Lankan press, and used his position to fearlessly critique the government, despite repeated threats on his life. Finally, in 2005, Sivaram was assassinated.This vivid life history also engages with much broader issues. It offers an intimate portrait of why an educated man adopts a position of supporting violence.
Social Science

The Distance Learning Study Guide for the Way We Live Telecourse/Distance Learning Course

Author: Intelecom

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 917

The Distance Learning Study Guide for The Way We Live Telecourse/Distance Learning Course - The distance learning study guide is available through Prentice Hall and can be packaged with the Macionis brief and comprehensive introductory sociology textbooks (Society and Sociology). It includes an overview of the video episode, assignments, learning objectives, key terms and concepts, video focus points, test focus points, critical thinking questions, and Test Your Learning sections that include multiple choice, short answer questions for review. Video component of course consists of 22 videos; 30 minutes each. Please contact your local Prentice Hall sales representative for more information about the video program. The Faculty guide is published by INTELECOM, the telecourse developer, and includes a test bank for the video and text components, general information on the course, as well as tips for teaching at a distance. The Faculty Guide is issued by INTELECOM, once a course license is in place between the institution and INTELECOM. Closely correlated to Macionis, Society (brief) and Macionis, Sociology (comprehensive) textbooks.
Business & Economics

The Politics of Flexibility

Author: Bob Jessop

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 364

View: 993

Presents both theoretical and empirical studies of the current reorganization of economic, political and social relations in Britain, West Germany and Scandinavia. The arguments are illustrated with case studies.

Growing Up

Author: John R. Morss



Category: Cognition

Page: 260

View: 404

"The study of human development, in New Zealand as elsewhere, was long dominated by the theories of the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. In recent years, however, Piaget's ideas have been increasingly challenged and even discredited. Piaget, it was discovered, was unable to recognise the significance of social, cultural or gender differences in development. His only way of portraying development was as a universal sequence of stages. Moreover, Piaget's account of developmental change stopped at adolescence. What are the implications of the eclipse of Piaget? How do we study human development here and now -- after Piaget? "Growing up" tackles these questions head-on. It does so in an accessible manner and in a New Zealand context. Having summarised the reasons for Piaget's decline, the contributors explore alternatives. In particular, they discuss Vygotsky and Bronfenbrenner which attempt to take account of the social cultural and historical contexts of individual development. The emphasis throughout is on the need for explanation to be localised and specific. Therefore, special attention is paid to the New Zealand context and to issues of gender, of race, and of disability. The role of research is also given critical attention, since research in general has made the same assumptions of universality of which Piaget is now accused. "Growing up" therefore introduces readers to a wide range of research methods and shows that the traditional psychology-based methods are problematic." -- Back cover.

A Korean Theology of Human Nature

Author: Jung-Sun Oh

Publisher: University Press of Amer


Category: Religion

Page: 233

View: 884

This remarkable study articulates a Korean Confucian-Christian theory of human nature, encompassing the theory of justification, sanctification, and salvation by means of a reformed concept of filial piety. The book presents the theological anthropology of Robert C. Neville and the inclusive humanism of Tu Wei-ming as critical guides for the creation of a comparative, contemporary Korean theology.
Political Science

Politics in Israel

Author: Alan Arian

Publisher: Chatham House Pub


Category: Political Science

Page: 314

View: 103