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Welcome to the Fifth Dimension

Author: Bianca Gaia

Publisher: North Atlantic Books


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Based on her popular workshops in Canada and Europe, Welcome to the Fifth Dimension is author Diane LeBlanc’s guide to helping readers recognize and integrate their multiple dimensions. Through examples, exercises, and channeled teachings, she shows us how to regain our co-creative power and live each day and moment in a state of grace. The key, says LeBlanc, is Quintessence, a self-coaching program that revitalizes the five most important dimensions of human existence in order to feel better, recover from disease, and be fully happy. The book breaks Quintessence into groups of five: the five energy fields that surround the body, the individual’s five main ÒSoul families,Ó the five dimensions of the human brain, and others. The book assesses and draws on many contemporary schools of thought, as seen in books like The Law of Attraction, The Power of Now, and The Celestine Prophecy. It also provides original teachings channeled from the powerful entity LeBlanc describes as the "Mother Earth Consciousness," personified as Bianca Gaia who is LeBlanc’s alter ego. Packed with charts, diagrams, and illustrations, this compelling book encourages readers to radically enhance their health and happiness by opening their minds to this new way of thinking.

Welcome to the 5Th Dimension

Author: Lionel Ingram

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore


Category: Science

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This knowledge will pose the biggest challenge to science, forcing the foundation to rethink theories concerning the origins of the universe our solar system and evolution. The evidence presented will also place all religious institutions under the spotlight and simultaneously challenge the atheist to review both dogma and convictions pertaining to faith or disbelief. Every doctrine will be tested, and many of these will fade into insignificance. Politics will change, a new philosophy will emerge, and this knowledge will profoundly alter the present consciousness of humankind. There will be huge debates and various analyses and interpretations of these findings; however, anyone who views and confirms the validity of the evidence presented will indeed experience a profound change in consciousness; previous views and perceptions of our existence will be altered, while the solar system and the entire universe will be seen in a different light. Indeed, it will place the reader within the scope of realizing another dimension of space and time never considered before.
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Welcome to Your Designer Planet!

Author: Richard Leviton

Publisher: iUniverse


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We now live in the time of the Gaian hierophant. This is the one who reveals and shows us how to relate to the sacred aspects of Gaia, our planet. Who is this hierophant? Each of us, when we join the campaign with Gaia against the desecration of our natural environment. But first we have to discover what the Earth really is. The Earth's thousands of sacred sites hold a secret: they are functional parts of the planet's geomantic body, consciousness nodes in the Earth's subtle body. Each veils a Light temple, each once known widely and remembered in myth, and Welcome to Your Designer Planet! documents 165 different kinds. The Earth is not an accident of the cosmos, but was designed specifically for humans as an extended Mystery temple primed to support and enhance our greater awareness. And the designers intended that humans help maintain it. Want to help the ecosystem and modulate global warming and climate change? Plug yourself into the Earth's Light grid through your nearest sacred site and start helping. Earth Mysteries researcher Richard Leviton presents a working model of the Earth's geomantic reality based on 24 years of research. The world's myths are the doorway into this fantastic domain of the Earth's visionary geography, showing us where to go and what to do and even what kinds of spiritual beings to expect to see. The future of the Earth is in our hands. Here are some pages from its design manual showing us how to fine-tune our wonderful host planet.
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Welcome to the Dreamhouse

Author: Lynn Spigel

Publisher: Duke University Press


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DIVHistorical and theoretical essays on television and media culture by a leading feminist studies scholar./div
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Messages from the Angels of Transparency

Author: Gaetano Vivo

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


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Could wise and wonderful beings contact us from beyond this world and unveil our true potential? Would knowing that we really mattered enable us to uncover the truth behind our reason for living? This fascinating book offers answers, spiritual practices and comprehensive meditations which have been developed by teacher, healer and author Gaetano Vivo, which have the potential to strengthen, heal and transform lives and bring hope and inspiration. It also clarifies the true nature of Reiki as a simple, yet profound tool to access and accept the power of universal energy, what we might call Love or God.

Quantum Spirit

Author: Sallie Haws





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"'She's gone!' Katrina's eyes were big as saucers. I guess she didn't really believe that I would disappear because the color had drained from her face as she stared wide-eyed and slack jawed at the center of the circle. The others opened their eyes in awe. I felt the strength of the circle fluctuate with the drop in energy, and the vibrancy of the colors dimmed as the group's anxiety increased causing the contraction of their auras. Then I noticed the woman . . .'Hello, Salena,' she greeted me with a smile. 'My name is Amalya Gaian. Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.'" Salena Hawthorne is coming of age in more ways than one. And, the changes she is experiencing go way beyond simple hormonal overload. When her "family gift" comes on with a vengeance, Salena has to learn how to channel her developing psychic abilities to stop a pandemic from wiping out millions of lives. Her newfound gifts of reading auras and inter-dimensional travel give Salena more trouble than she is ready to handle. With the weight of several worlds on her shoulders, Salena will need to call on her family, the Society of the Silver Moon, her Spirit Guide, and a few other unexpected allies to take on the supernatural enemies that threaten their very existence.
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New Spiritual Technology for the Fifth-Dimensional Earth

Author: David K. Miller

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing


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Earth is moving closer to the fifth dimension and new spiritual ideas and technologies are becoming available for rebalancing our world: Native ceremonies to connect to Earth healing energies. Thought projections and thought communication to communicate with Earth. Connections with our galactic starseed heritage so that we can relate to our role in the galaxy. A new spiritual paradigm to help humankind transition into the next evolutionary stage. THE SACRED TRIANGLE REPRESENTS THE INTEGRATION OF THREE SPIRITUAL SOURCES FOR HEALING THE EARTH: The Native American spirituality and the spiritual work of the indigenous peoples of the world. The mystical energy found in all the major religions in the world, including Christianity, the Kabbalah, Hinduism, Sufism and the ascended masters. Fifth-dimensional galactic spirituality, which includes energy from extradimensional masters such as the Arcturians and the Pleiadians.

The King Jesus Gospel

Author: Scot McKnight

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Contemporary evangelicals have built a "salvation culture" but not a "gospel culture." Evangelicals have reduced the gospel to the message of personal salvation. This book makes a plea for us to recover the old gospel as that which is still new and still fresh. The book stands on four arguments: that the gospel is defined by the apostles in 1 Corinthians 15 as the completion of the Story of Israel in the saving Story of Jesus; that the gospel is found in the Four Gospels; that the gospel was preached by Jesus; and that the sermons in the Book of Acts are the best example of gospeling in the New Testament. The King Jesus Gospel ends with practical suggestions about evangelism and about building a gospel culture.

Ascend with Light

Author: Amethyst Freeman



Category: Religion

Page: 242

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Ascend with Light is a culmination of 40 years of one woman's search for truth behind existence.It explains the physical and metaphysical importance of light in our lives for healing, anti aging,ascension on a personal and planetary level as well as discussing other spiritual and metaphysical topics such as prophecy, a new earth and raising your light quotient.It has an extensive section on healing and co-operating with the Archangels and Angels in our everyday lives and it explains some biblical sayings in a contemporary spiritual context.Its main purpose is for personal empowerment and to help people connect with their own source of light within.
Biography & Autobiography

Fish Out of Agua:

Author: Michele Carlo

Publisher: Citadel Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A voice from the loudspeaker blared, "Will the family who brought the little redheaded white girl to the Puerto Rican Day parade please come to the bandstand to pick her up." I looked around. Wait a minute. I am at the bandstand. I am that lost girl! Michele Carlo, a redheaded, freckle-faced Puerto Rican raised in the Polish section of the Bronx, grew up as a permanent outsider. Too white for her proud, Spanish-speaking relatives and a mystery to her schoolmates, Michele braved a search for identity that was a long, rough and tumble ride. . . By turns heartbreaking and humorous, she recalls the family calamities, fumblings of first love, and all the people and events that shaped her. From her "playground battlefield" in the not-so-wholesome summer of '69 to many adrenaline-fueled, graffiti-filled afternoons and her emergence as an artist with a unique and alluring voice, Michele's story is an homage to a New York City gone by. . .and an iconically American, unforgettable portrait of growing up. "