When the Goddess was a Woman


Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 672

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Bringing together Hiltebeitel's major essays on the the Mahābhārata, the Rāmāyaṇa, and the south Indian cults of Draupadī and Kūttāṇṭavar along with new articles written especially for this collection, this two volume work offers a comprehensive re-reading of the Indian epic tradition by the foremost scholar in Indian epic studies today.

When God Was A Woman

Author: Merlin Stone

Publisher: Doubleday


Category: Religion

Page: 265

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Here, archaeologically documented,is the story of the religion of the Goddess. Under her, women’s roles were far more prominent than in patriarchal Judeo-Christian cultures. Stone describes this ancient system and, with its disintegration, the decline in women’s status.

The Goddess of New York

Author: Guy Fee



Category: Fiction

Page: 142

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When billionaire treasure hunter Charles Cunningham (New York's most eligible bachelor) finds a woman floating face down in the Amazon River, he realizes this is his chance to claim the one prize that eludes him - membership of the Fellowship, an elite scientific organization that rewards major discoveries with a seat at the table. Having saved her life, Charles decides to return home with his precious cargo and turn her into a New York socialite. Maybe then he can win the hearts and minds of the scientific community. But the more he plays the Pygmalion game, the more his assistant suspects their mystery guest may be hiding something.

Romancing the Goddess

Author: Marijane Osborn

Publisher: University of Illinois Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 311

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Take three exciting medieval romances, translate them - two for the first time - into modern English verse, and you'll have only part of Marijane Osborn's Romancing the Goddess. Osborn introduces and translates the three tales, all dealing with women cast adrift upon the northern and Mediterranean seas, then shows how the stories forge a hitherto missing link with worship of a savior goddess in the distant past.
Social Science

Icons of Beauty: Art, Culture, and the Image of Women [2 volumes]

Author: Lindsay J. Bosch

Publisher: Greenwood


Category: Social Science

Page: 746

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What gives beauty such fascinating power? Why is beauty so easy to recognize but so hard to define? Across cultures and continents and over the centuries the standards of beauty have changed but the desire to portray beauty, to praise beauty, and to possess beauty has never diminished. Icons of Beauty offers an enthralling overview of the most revered icons of female beauty in world art from pre-history to the present. From images of Eve to Cindy Sherman's self-portraits, from Cleopatra to Madonna, from ancient goddesses to modern celebrities, this interdisciplinary set offers fresh insight as to how we can use perceptions of beauty to learn about world cultures, both past and present. Each chapter looks at an individual work of art to pose a question about the power of beauty. What makes beauty modern? What is the influence of celebrities? How do women portray their own beauty in a different manner than men? In-depth profiles of the icons reveal how specific ideas about beauty were developed and expressed, offering a full analysis of their history, cultural significance, and lasting influence. In addition to renowned works of art, Icons of Beauty also looks at icons in literature, film, politics, and contemporary entertainment. Interdisciplinary and multicultural in its approach, chapters inside this set also feature sidebars on provocative topics and issues, such as foot binding and body adornment; myths and practices; opinions and interpretations; and even related films, songs, and even comic book characters. Generously illustrated, this rich set encompasses history, politics, society, women's studies, and art history, making it an indispensable resource for high school and college students as well as general readers.
Christmas stories

The Goddess Girl

Author: Louise Elizabeth Dutton



Category: Christmas stories

Page: 385

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Goddess Wisdom Made Easy

Author: Tanishka

Publisher: Hay House UK Limited


Category: Goddesses

Page: 256

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Ancient civilizations once worshipped female deities and women were the leaders, counsellors and healers of their communities. Through the ages, the wisdom of the Goddess was then forgotten, and people around the world lost their connection to ancient feminine wisdom.
Academic libraries





Category: Academic libraries


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Author: Gayatri Sinha



Category: Goddesses

Page: 195

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Collection of pictures dated from early 1950s to 1999 which later constituted a photographic exhibition.
Juvenile Nonfiction

The Goddess in Every Girl

Author: M. J. Abadie

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 272

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Helps teenage girls make direct contact with their inner Goddess energy. • Includes guided meditations, visualizations, journaling exercises, Goddess games and rituals. • Represents a culturally diverse selection of Goddess personifications including Egyptian, Afro-Cuban, Asian, North American, Greek, and Roman. • Complete astrological tables for Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars enable girls to find their personal goddess allies. • Written by the author of Love Planets (more than 50,000 sold) and Teen Astrology. In The Goddess in Every Girl, M. J. Abadie teaches teens to get in touch with their own personal Goddess energy and allies. To the young woman seeking external inspiration for her journey of self-definition, gaining a "big-picture" perspective from the feminine divine can be an incredibly validating experience. To date, though, no book on the market relates these myths of female power to the teen experience. In The Goddess in Every Girl, complete astrological tables for Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars let girls look up their own personal goddess allies in the areas of life purpose, emotions and body awareness, love nature, and energy and passion. With more than 50 activities, such as a guided journey to the Goddess center, directions for keeping a Goddess journal, breathing exercises, meditations, and instructions on how to create a sacred ritual space, The Goddess in Every Girl shows teens how to build a personal pantheon for their own empowerment and self-transformation.

When the Drummers Were Women

Author: Layne Redmond



Category: Music

Page: 224

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Examines feminine and goddess traditions to chronicle the role of women and drums in history, ritual, and religion

Paul, Women Teachers, and the Mother Goddess at Ephesus

Author: Sharon Hodgin Gritz

Publisher: University Press of Amer


Category: Religion

Page: 186

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The book examines in detail 1 Timothy 2:9-15 by analyzing its various contexts from the broader historical context including culture and religion to the narrower biblical context including the Old and New Testaments, Pastoral Epistles, and the passage itself. In this approach, the book becomes a model for proper hermeneutics.