Biography & Autobiography

Where the Heart Beats

Author: Kay Larson

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 496

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A “heroic” and “fascinating” biography of John Cage showing how his work, and that of countless American artists, was transformed by Zen Buddhism (The New York Times) Where the Heart Beats is the story of the tremendous changes sweeping through American culture following the Second World War, a time when the arts in America broke away from centuries of tradition and reinvented themselves. Painters converted their canvases into arenas for action and gesture, dancers embraced pure movement over narrative, performance artists staged “happenings” in which anything could happen, poets wrote words determined by chance. In this tumultuous period, a composer of experimental music began a spiritual quest to know himself better. His earnest inquiry touched thousands of lives and created controversies that are ongoing. He devised unique concerts—consisting of notes chosen by chance, randomly tuned radios, and silence—in the service of his absolute conviction that art and life are one inseparable truth, a seamless web of creation divided only by illusory thoughts. What empowered John Cage to compose his incredible music—and what allowed him to inspire tremendous transformations in the lives of his fellow artists—was Cage’s improbable conversion to Zen Buddhism. This is the story of how Zen saved Cage from himself. Where the Heart Beats is the first book to address the phenomenal importance of Zen Buddhism to John Cage’s life and to the artistic avant-garde of the 1950s and 1960s. Zen’s power to transform Cage’s troubled mind—by showing him his own enlightened nature—liberated Cage from an acute personal crisis that threatened everything he most deeply cared abouthis life, his music, and his relationship with his life partner, Merce Cunningham. Caught in a society that rejected his art, his politics, and his sexual orientation, Cage was transformed by Zen from an overlooked and marginal musician into the absolute epicenter of the avant-garde. Using Cage’s life as a starting point, Where the Heart Beats looks beyond to the individuals Cage influenced and the art he inspired. His creative genius touched Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, Alan Kaprow, Morton Feldman, and Leo Castelli, who all went on to revolutionize their respective disciplines. As Cage’s story progresses, as his collaborators’ trajectories unfurl, Where the Heart Beats shows the blossoming of Zen in the very heart of American culture.
Juvenile Fiction

My Heart Beats

Author: Rina Singh

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 22

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A beautiful photographic board book featuring babies from all over the world and the sounds their hearts make as they beat with love. No matter what language we speak, no matter where we live in the world, our hearts beat with the same rhythm. We may hear and say the sounds differently—doki doki in Japanese, tu tump tu tump in Italian, dugeun dugeun in Korean, dhak dhak in Urdu, boum boum in French and thump thump in English—but when our hearts beat, all the sounds mean the same thing: you are alive and you are loved.


Author: Gale Alvarez

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 186

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HeartBeats, a collection of 101 life-learned reflections, will bring you peace, clear perspective, and a revitalized hope you always wanted but never thought you could experience. As I sensed the impossible situations my friends were facing, I was driven to share the unlimited possibilities of a loving, merciful God, and hence, HeartBeats was born. Gale Alvarez Listen as Gale speaks in her soft yet confident voice: Some days you can think you are down for the count and then you realize that He keeps counting. Never speak never over your life; in doing so, your never robs you of your future. We must learn to trust Him when we feel like we cannot trace Him. When His love takes you in, everything changes. God says yes to your fulfillment, yes to your joy, and yes to who you are in Him.,
Health & Fitness

Your Heart Beats for Him

Author: Pamela Wareham Washnock

Publisher: Abbott Press


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 180

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If youre the spouse, caregiver or loved one of someone who needs a heart transplant, what should you expect? Pamela Washnock fills a void in the existing literature by sharing her inspirational story of taking care of her husband, Bob, who was diagnosed with abnormal heart rhythms in 2000. If Bobs heart were to beat too fast, he could pass out and never wake up. Fortunately, an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator works well for many years, detecting abnormal rhythms and giving his heart a shock when needed. But in 2011, Pamela learns Bob will need a new heart. At first, no suitable match can be found. Doctors insert a left ventricular assist device into his chest, or LVAD, which is a mechanical pump that helps a weakened heart pump blood. When Bob finally gets a new heart, life remains hardand in some waysgets even worse. He must take a variety of medications, all of which affect him in different ways. See the journey of a heart transplant patient through a caregivers eyes, and find out what obstacles you may need to overcome if your loved one has a heart problem.


Author: Abhinaya Viswanathan

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 130

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Heartbeats! The way my heart thrums beneath my skin, Running down the streets, Desperate for a win; A promise that it's possible To survive the darkness and live in glory! Heartbeats! The way my heart flutters At the sight of you during our desperate meets, Needing us to be behind closed shutters. A promise for love and heat To push through the pain and heartbreak… Heartbeats! The way she looks at me when she smiles, The way he grasps at my hands, The way they laugh. Heartbeats! The way I sway to the music As if it was a sickness which greets Me at my deathbed.

Strange Heartbeats

Author: Jayshree Kumar

Publisher: Partridge Publishing


Category: Poetry

Page: 86

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Strange Hearbeats aims to capture the varied spontaneous emotions that a lover feels when he or she falls irrevocably in love with someone. The feelings that erupt during these moments are so fresh and so new that it almost seems strange for the lover to comprehend. The book is a tribute to this magical feeling of love. Divided into six sections, this heartfelt collection of poems aims to depict the different phases of love.

His HeartBeats

Author: Abirvab Mondal

Publisher: NotionPress


Category: Poetry

Page: 88

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His HeartBeats is a youth friendly book covering poems on the feelings of a young lover.Here the book covers poems about romantic life with all those happiness and pains often a lover experiences. The young readers after reading the poems would be able to relate their life incidents through the poems. We hope you being the reader will love this book and the poems and go through the HeartBeats of a lover. After reading this book you can also get to know the different angles of love and also the real meaning of LOVE.

Seaside Heartbeats

Author: Stacy Claflin

Publisher: Stacy Claflin


Category: Fiction

Page: 296

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Sometimes love shows up when you least expect it. After years of hard work, architect Lana Summers just wants a relaxing vacation in the beach town of Kittle Falls. Instead, she suffers unexpected heart problems, and finds herself in the office of a gorgeous cardiologist—who only makes her heart work harder. Brayden Hunter left his successful cardiology practice in Dallas to be closer to his aging parents. Focused on building a health care clinic in his hometown, he doesn't want any distractions. However, the beautiful Lana is one he can’t seem to avoid. As their attraction grows, they stumble upon a 160-year-old mystery. Brayden catches her adventurous spirit as they chase after answers, and he can’t help falling for her. But can he convince her to stay in the small beach town and with him? Seaside Heartbeats is a standalone novel in the Seaside Hunters collection, a series of sweet contemporary romances featuring the Hunter brothers set in the beach town of Kittle Falls. If you like heartwarming romances with a side of suspense, then you'll love the latest entry in the fun, romantic beach series. Budding romance and great chemistry abound with fully-developed characters that you'll fall for over and over again. Read Seaside Heartbeats today to satisfy your craving for clean, sweet contemporary romance!


Author: Melody Grace

Publisher: Melody Grace Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 110

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Can one moment change your life forever? For Eva Carmichael, it’s the second she lays eyes on Oak Harbor’s troubled bad boy, Finn McKay. He’s bold and reckless, and leaves a trail of broken hearts in his wake. She should stay away, but she soon discovers they have more in common than she ever dreamed. They’re both living with painful secrets, and a true self they keep hidden, not letting anyone in – until she takes a leap and risks it all… Finn knows Eva is too good to be true. He’s been counting down to the day he can turn his back on Oak Harbor for good, and finally escape all the dark, painful shadows of his past. But this girl is impossible to ignore. Her smile makes him forget himself, and just one kiss could redeem it all. He’s determined not to fall, but then one night changes everything… Two unlikely hearts. One intoxicating romance. This epic love story is only just beginning. ** Heartbeats is a novella story set before the events of Heartbreaker. Both books are written as stand-alone stories, so you can enjoy them in whichever order you like. ** The Oak Harbor Series: 1. Heartbeats 2. Heartbreaker 3. Reckless Hearts

Two Billion Heartbeats

Author: M.N. Raju

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House


Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

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How do successful people become even more successful? Almost all effective people share a common trait – they set detailed goals, and plan the amount of effort they require to put into any project they wish to start. They leave no stone unturned in the process, and live by the DIY – do-it-yourself formula. Success in life requires more than an academic qualification; it requires strength of character and a will to be different. In this book you will read real life stories and incidents that offer valuable messages, inspired by the life of a man who believed in himself. This is not an autobiography but the clear essence of success in life.