Wildflowers of Sydney and Adjoining Areas

Author: Alan Fairley



Category: Botany

Page: 278

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Sydney has one of the greatest wildflower regions of the world, with over 1500 species occurring within an hour's drive of the city. There are 268 species illustrated here in full colour with each page devoted to a single flower.

Sydney Wildflower Bushwalks

Author: Jane Mundy



Category: Travel

Page: 94

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Guide to bushwalks in national parks in the Sydney region detailing native plants to look for on the way. Contains colour plates to assist in identifying plants and a glossary of the meanings of their botanical names.

Australian Wildflowers in Stumpwork

Author: Annette Hinde



Category: Handicraft

Page: 104

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Revised second edition of an illustrated field guide for bushwalkers, gardeners, plant lovers and environmentalists, first published in 1991. Includes information on over 1370 species of native plants of the County of Cumberland, with illustrations and details on the history, ecology, Aboriginal and European uses of each plant, together with references to literature and the journals of explorers. Includes a glossary, index and reference list and a key to the identification of plants. The author studied law at Sydney University and now works as a campaign consultant on environmental and social issues in Sydney.

The Hawkesbury River

Author: Paul Boon



Category: Science

Page: 584

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The Hawkesbury River is the longest coastal river in New South Wales. A vital source of water and food, it has a long Aboriginal history and was critical for the survival of the early British colony at Sydney. The Hawkesbury’s weathered shores, cliffs and fertile plains have inspired generations of artists. It is surrounded by an unparalleled mosaic of national parks, including the second-oldest national park in Australia, Ku-ring-gai National Park. Although it lies only 35 km north of Sydney, to many today the Hawkesbury is a ‘hidden river’ – its historical and natural significance not understood or appreciated. Until now, the Hawkesbury has lacked an up-to-date and comprehensive book describing how and when the river formed, how it functions ecologically, how it has influenced humans and their patterns of settlement and, in turn, how it has been affected by those settlements and their people. The Hawkesbury River: A Social and Natural History fills this gap. With chapters on the geography, geology, hydrology and ecology of the river through to discussion of its use by Aboriginal and European people and its role in transport, defence and culture, this highly readable and richly illustrated book paints a picture of a landscape worthy of protection and conservation. It will be of value to those who live, visit or work in the region, those interested in Australian environmental history, and professionals in biology, natural resource management and education.

Native Plants of the Sydney Region

Author: Alan Fairley

Publisher: Jacana Books


Category: Nature

Page: 614

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Handbook of the native plants found from Newcastle to Nowra, with 1400 colour photographs and its authoritative text, this is a reference for anyone who loves the Australian bush.

Frank Hurley: A Photographer's Life

Author: Alasdair McGregor

Publisher: National Library of Australia


Category: Photography

Page: 468

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Photographer, filmmaker, writer, adventurer. Controversial, passionate, audacious. Frank Hurley was an extraordinary Australian, possibly most famous for his Antarctic photographs captured alongside expeditioners Sir Douglas Mawson and Sir Ernest Shackleton. From the early twentieth century until his death in 1962 Hurley created a stunning visual archive that chronicled the major events of the twentieth century, and Australia's achievements both home and overseas. This book and the Hurley Collection in the National Library of Australia make clear this outstanding contribution and the lengths to which the man would go in order to convey the gravity of events. For Hurley, image-making and exploration went hand-in-hand and he sought out experiences as a pioneer documentary film-maker, official photographer in two world wars, early aviator, and adventure and story-seeker in both the natural environment and in rapidly disappearing non-western worlds. In this readable, definitive and wonderfully illustrated re-issued biography, Alasdair McGregor describes Hurley's life and character in all its richness.

Sydney Like a Wildflower Beautiful Fierce Free

Author: Wildflower Dreams Wildflower Dreams Press

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 100

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MORE NAMES AVAILABLE - CHECK WILDFLOWER DREAMS PRESS UNDER THE TITLE Looking for a special gift idea for a woman in your life? Here's a journal that will let her know how beautiful, fierce and free you know that she is, just like a wildflower. The handy 6x9 size fits nicely into her purse, backpack or glove compartment and is ready for her journaling with a 100 lined pages (also decorated with wildflowers). Makes an easy, inexpensive gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, holidays and more.

Sydney's Bushland

Author: Jocelyn Howell

Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens


Category: Botany

Page: 128

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Sydney is a city of wildflowers, surrounded and infiltrated by expanses of bushland with attractive acacias, beautiful bottlebrushes and wonderful waratahs. It's also home to Geebungs, Burrawangs and Bangalays. What are these plants and where do they grow? Find out this and more as you explore the forests, woodlands and heaths of the harbour city. This book takes you back before the age of the dinosaurs to glimpse the forces that shaped the Sydney bushland scene. And it brings you up to date to join scientists in discovering some of the surprises Sydney's bushland plants have in store: how some of our largest plants have survived in secret until just a few years ago; which of our tiniest plants turn the tables on animals and make a meal of them; what happens when some plants encourage ants to help them survive fires via the fungal internet!; where plants have invisible liaisons underground. Keen to see some of these wildflower ways for yourself? The book's last section takes you on a tour of readily accessible places where you can experience bushland landscapes and their beautiful plants. Not everything is known -- there is still lots to learn. Experience Sydney's bushland in a spirit of discovery -- you will enjoy finding out there's more than meets the eye!


Author: Thistle Yolette Harris



Category: Gardening

Page: 257

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Australia's Wilderness Heritage: Flora and fauna

Author: Leo Meier



Category: Australia

Page: 400

View: 329

Kakadu and Arnhem Land - The Great Barrier Reef - Willandra Lakes - Tasmania - Lord Howe Island - Cape York - The Kimberley - Shark Bay (Monkey Mia) - The Australian Alps - Antarctica - Simpson Desert - The Cathedrals, Mount Buffalo - Cape York Peninsula - Great Sandy region - Fraser Island - Rainforests - Deserts - Tropical Regions.
Wild flowers


Author: Carol Kopolow



Category: Wild flowers

Page: 43

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Charles Darwin in Australia

Author: F. W. Nicholas

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Science

Page: 260

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Drawing upon Darwin's diary, this lavishly illustrated book traces Darwin's travels in Australia in 1836.

Pick the Wildflowers

Author: Tracy Lee Thompson

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 248

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Struggling with old age, ninety-four-year-old Toby Mitchell gives a moving account of his life. Taken back to 1935 and against the backdrop of a small country town, Toby shares the bond he has with his older brother, Bill. When the tide of rejection sweeps across the tiny town because of their mother's illness, they gather the strength to push through those prejudice moments. Their brotherhood is soon tested when they both fall in love with the same girl, Hildy, a socialite from a wealthy, prominent family. Even though she is from a different world, Hildy accepts the boys and is swept up into their simple way of life. That is until one life-altering day changes everything. Devasting circumstances tear them apart. Over the years, Toby's love for Hildy refuses to fade. The events of that awful day still haunt him. In desperation he flees the only home he has ever known. As time passes, he soon discovers the new life is not what he hoped for and begins to question everything, including the love he still feels for Hildy. Amid the darkness, Toby finds in his new world, he comes to realise the emotional journey was all worth it.

Dress Me in Wildflowers

Author: Trish Milburn

Publisher: Trish Milburn


Category: Fiction

Page: 317

View: 442

Farrin Taylor is a living rags-to-riches story, but it’s not a story she cares to share with anyone. To her, the rags part of her story is in the past and should stay there. When Farrin left Oak Valley, Tennessee, she had no intention of ever going back, of ever being the person she’d been there. She’s no longer poor little Farrin with the outdated clothes and nonexistent social life. She remade herself into one of the top designers in New York, specializing in wedding and special occasion gowns for starlets, royalty and those with fat bank accounts. So when Tammie, her best friend from high school, invites her to their fifteen-year high school reunion, Farrin can’t think of anything she’d rather do less. Only when Tammie’s mother, who’d been like a second mother to Farrin, encourages her to come back to Oak Valley for a visit does Farrin relent. She intends to be in and out in a day, but that’s not exactly how things pan out. The next thing she knows, she’s bought a historic inn to keep it from being demolished, learned her high school nemesis didn’t have the perfect life she always thought, and her teenage crush has grown up and just might like her back. She also realizes that time and distance are funny things, and that Oak Valley isn’t as bad as she remembers. In fact, it and the people there might be the things she’s been looking for without realizing it. keywords: small town, Tennessee, rags to riches, going home, successful woman, emotional, wedding dress designer, women's fiction, small town romance, returning back home

West Australian Native Plants in Cultivation

Author: A. R. Fairall

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Gardening

Page: 262

View: 255

West Australian Native Plants in Cultivation differs from other books written about the subject, because this text is based on actual experience in Western Australia and its flora. The book describes the cultivation of some of the plants that grow naturally in the region. The text starts with a background of the State and its flora, with some description of these plants as being successfully grown in other parts of the country and the world. The book lists the common and botanical names of the plants for easy identification, as well as the existence of the ""Society for Growing Australian Plants,"" which keeps records of plant growth and conditions. The text then offers tips in growing these native plants. The book shows where to collect, process, store, and treat hard-coated seeds. The text then explains propagating using the seed, transplanting the seedlings, and propagating the plant by other means such as cuttings and rootings. The book does not miss on how to take care of the plant through proper watering, mulching, pruning, fertilizing, and controlling pests. The text gives other useful information such as the localities where a type of plant can be found, as well as the kinds of plants that can be grown for special purposes. Agriculturists, plant lovers, botanists, and home-makers will find this guide useful and interesting.