Biography & Autobiography

Without Probation, Parole, Or Suspension of Sentence

Author: Sherral D. Kahey

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 132

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Not everyone has to experience situations in order to later tell about them. Sherral would not wish prison on anyone. Many people wonder what happens to a person when he/she goes to prison. The big screen has never come close to depicting the real horror, humor, and happenings of prison life from a female's perspective. Sherral has written the ups, downs, and in-betweens of her first year of incarceration. That first year is the most important year of a person's incarceration. Within that year, she decides whether she will survive the experience or succumb to it. She will decide if she will do the time or if the time will do her. The thin line between sanity and insanity lie within that first year. The pages of Without Parole, Probation, or Suspension of Sentence have captured Sherral's firsthand account of how that year shaped the remainder of her years of confinement. You may laugh at some parts of her account. You may even cry, but Sherral would like for the reader to experience prison through her eyes, experiences, and encounters.

Louisiana Criminal Code 2021

Author: Nicholas M Graphia, Esq.

Publisher: Gulf Coast Legal Publishing, LLC


Category: Law

Page: 411

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Perfect for your briefcase or the courtroom. Formatted and compiled with the practitioners and law students in mind, this 2021 edition of the Louisiana Criminal Code has easy to read text on letter size pages that reads across the whole page (no dual columns) and a detailed table of contents that allows you to quickly access the provision you need. Contains all statutes of Title 14 as amended through the 2020 Legislative Sessions. Details. Paperback: 411 pages; Published: September 15, 2020; ISBN: 979-8688497663; Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.93 x 11 inches; Shipping Weight 2.1 pounds; Shipping Time: Approximately 14 days

Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices

Author: Anil Aggrawal

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Law

Page: 424

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From sexual abuse and fetishism to necrophilia and sadomasochism, this unique volume identifies fourteen classifications of unusual sexual pathologies. Emphasizing the physical and psychological aspects of sexuality itself, the book presents detailed comparisons of legal and medical definitions, historical aspects, current incidence, and geographical prevalence of these offenses. It also explores the potential causes, discussing etiological theories and reviewing psychopathology. Highlighting the cross-cultural nature of the forensic aspects of human sexuality, the book examines various case studies in the context of international legislation. It also covers minor aberrant behavior such as coprolalia and troilism.

State Laws and Published Ordinances: Firearms

Author: Treasury Department

Publisher: Government Printing Office


Category: Law

Page: 516

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This publication is a guide to complying with both Federal and State firearms laws. Specifically, it assists in complying with the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) requirement that you may not sell or deliver a firearm to a nonlicensee whose receipt or possession of the firearm would violate State or local laws applicable at the place of sale or delivery. It also assists in making lawful over-the-counter sales of long guns to out-of-state residents.

Michie's Alabama Criminal Code Annotated with Commentaries

Author: Publisher's Editorial Staff

Publisher: LexisNexis


Category: Law


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Michie's™ Alabama Criminal Code Annotated provides access to criminal law and procedure and many related statutes. In this handy volume, you'll have the statutes that law enforcement professionals and trial attorneys need most often. Finally, this manual boasts an important feature that only LexisNexis can provide: concise summaries of the U.S. Supreme Court's treatment of complex constitutional issues surrounding criminal and traffic laws, drawn from the U.S. Supreme Court Reporter, Lawyer's Edition 2d. Over 50 specific topics are covered, including Arrest, Stop and Frisk, Search and Seizure, and Right to Counsel. Features At-A-Glance: • Summaries of important U.S. Supreme Court decisions • Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation • Comprehensive Index and Table of Contents • Updated Annually

Perspectives on Drug Use in the United States

Author: Bernard Segal

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 140

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Here you’ll find perceptive critical analyses of areas of concern within the field that have important implications for both research endeavors and clinical intervention.