Spiders of the World

Author: Rudy Jocqué

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: Nature

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A stunningly illustrated natural history of spiders Spiders are among the most versatile creatures on the planet, inhabiting six of the seven continents and thriving in environments ranging from deserts and rain forests to Arctic tundra and cities. Spiders of the World is a captivating look at these wondrously adaptable and endlessly intriguing arachnids, written by six of the world's leading experts on spiders. This stunningly illustrated natural history features a wealth of spectacular color photos and covers a breathtaking array of spider species from around the globe, describing their behaviors, characteristics, and remarkable evolutionary adaptations. An incisive and engaging introduction provides an invaluable overview of the world's spiders, and is followed by in-depth profiles spanning more than 100 spider families and presented taxonomically. Each profile is organized phylogenetically and includes beautiful photography to illustrate various species within the family. There are also distribution maps, tables of essential facts, and commentaries highlighting diverse aspects of spider biology, making Spiders of the World an indispensable volume for anyone who wants to learn more about these marvelous creatures. Provides a richly illustrated look at spiders of all shapes and sizes from around the world Features hundreds of color photos and diagrams Spans more than 100 spider families and covers an array of different species Explores spider behavior, attributes, biology, and evolution Includes distribution maps, tables of essential facts, informative commentaries, and more Engages and educates readers about the unique natural history of spiders

Conrad Gessner

Author: Urs Leu

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter


Category: History

Page: 590

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Der Zürcher Arzt, Naturforscher und Universalgelehrte Conrad Gessner begründete die moderne Zoologie, ging neue Wege in der Botanik und verfasste das am reichsten bebilderte Buch über Mineralien und Fossilien des 16. Jahrhunderts. Die Beiträge beleuchten die Vielseitigkeit von Gessners Interessen und Werken, von Altphilologie über Botanik, Buchgeschichte, Linguistik und Medizingeschichte bis hin zum wissenschaftlichen Zeichnen und zur Zoologie.

Photography, Natural History and the Nineteenth-Century Museum

Author: Kathleen Davidson

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Photography

Page: 234

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The Victorian era heralded an age of transformation in which momentous changes in the field of natural history coincided with the rise of new visual technologies. Concurrently, different parts of the British Empire began to more actively claim their right to being acknowledged as indispensable contributors to knowledge and the progress of empire. This book addresses the complex relationship between natural history and photography from the 1850s to the 1880s in Britain and its colonies: Australia, New Zealand and, to a lesser extent, India. Coinciding with the rise of the modern museum, photography’s arrival was timely, and it rapidly became an essential technology for recording and publicising rare objects and valuable collections. Also during this period, the medium assumed a more significant role in the professional practices and reputations of naturalists than has been previously recognized, and it figured increasingly within the expanding specialized networks that were central to the production and dissemination of new knowledge. In an interrogation that ranges from the first forays into museum photography and early attempts to document collecting expeditions to the importance of traditional and photographic portraiture for the recognition of scientific discoveries, this book not only recasts the parameters of what we actually identify as natural history photography in the Victorian era but also how we understand the very structure of empire in relation to this genre at that time.

Lizards of the World

Author: Gordon H. Rodda

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press


Category: Science

Page: 828

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Outlining more than 1500 statistically significant associations extracted from a data matrix composed of more than 300 conditions tabulated—to the extent known—for all 6528 species of lizards, Lizards of the World will be the go-to source for the next generation of reptile ecologists, as well as herpetology students and serious herpetoculturists.
Literary Criticism

Nineteenth-Century American Literature and the Discourse of Natural History

Author: Juliana Chow

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 239

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This book discusses how literary writers re-envisioned species survival and racial uplift through ecological and biogeographical concepts of dispersal. It will appeal to readers interested in nineteenth-Century American literature and Literature and the Environment.