Business & Economics

Work From Home: Book One Writing

Author: Get Digital World

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Business & Economics


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Hello, My name is Jason. Thank you for reading this book. I make myself readily available, at Before you get started, i'd like to set the tone. First and foremost, i will never insult you with fancy pictures of cash showering down from the heavens, fancy mansions, boats, or Mercedes cars. To me, that's nothing but an illusion. These books is NOT about taking surveys, or any of the stuff that completely does nothing but waste your time. I should also note that ALL of the methods listed in this 10 Book Series, are Dirt Cheap or completely FREE. Secondly, this book is priced so as that I make ZERO profit. In this series, I will show you REAL online work. dealing with REAL customers, making REAL money. The professions listed in here, people are doing right now... and making a Good Income. Whats so dynamic about this book, is that not only will you be shown the many ways from making money; you'll be shown how to do it, and the tools you need to start-- TODAY!
Literary Criticism

Women Writing the Home Tour, 1682-1812

Author: Zoë Kinsley

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 206

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Focusing on female-authored home tour travel narratives, this study maps the way in which the changing face of British travel and its writing can be traced through the accounts of the women who participated in that tradition. Within these women's travelogues Kinsley explores the matters of gender, class, and national identity, and her consideration of manuscript travelogues alongside printed texts enhances our understanding of the issues being raised.
Business & Economics

How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business

Author: Lucy Parker

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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This guide provides information on how to start you own home-based writing business.

Writing Home

Author: Barry Dempster

Publisher: CNIB


Category: Fiction

Page: 191

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These linked short stories are set on a fictional street in Scarborough, Ontario. As one story ends and the next begins, the viewpoint switches from neighbour to neighbour, emphasizing the difference between a person's self-concept and the way others look at him or her.
Language Arts & Disciplines

The Lifestyle Writer

Author: Sarah-Beth Watkins

Publisher: Compass Books


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 157

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The Lifestyle Writer is a book that explores every aspect of writing for the home and family market. From writing parenting and childcare articles to writing for the travel and technology markets, it is packed full of tips and advice for the budding writer.
Language Arts & Disciplines

Writing Articles about the World Around You

Author: Marcia Yudkin

Publisher: Writers Digest Books


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 218

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Discusses how people can use their surroundings to find subjects to write about in how-to articles, reviews, and opinion pieces.

Bad Mommy Bad Writer

Author: Kim Cooper Findling




Page: 218

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One woman's attempt to make something of herself already. During nap time.The story begins: Me: Mother, wife and writer watching forty climb the front steps like a peddler pushing time, and me with nowhere to hide. The writer part used to come first, the forty used to be thirty, and marriage and motherhood were abstract activities I thought I'd try someday. Ah, growing up. If only it was the thrill promised when we were six. All I want in the whole wide world besides being a good mother to my two tiny daughters is to be an author. But writing is hard. And the publishing industry is a beast. And I am terrified of failure. And most of my days are spent trapped under a pile of plastic princesses or scraping peanut butter off of the wall. Will I pull this author thing off? Or will I ditch writing, adopt a Xanax habit, abandon my own identity and live the rest of my life vicariously through my children? Hmm, let's find out.
English language

Writing Well

Author: Donald Hall

Publisher: Little Brown


Category: English language

Page: 416

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Co-authored by two esteemed writers, "Writing Well," is a beautifully-written and thoroughly readable guide to the craft of writing prose. This concise, lively text covers all aspects of writing but is best known for its signature chapters on words, sentences, and paragraphs. Going beyond the basics of composition, the text teaches originality and elegance in writing encouraging students to develop their own written voice. Sample student papers including several works-in-progress - allow students to learn the writing process through the work of their peers. A brief handbook section rounds out the coverage.

Going Home to a Landscape

Author: Marianne Villanueva

Publisher: Calyx Books


Category: History

Page: 311

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Offers teachers, students, and general readers a fascinating glimpse into the Filipina diaspora.
Business & Economics

Working from Home in easy steps

Author: Tony Rossiter

Publisher: In Easy Steps


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 94

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Working from Home in easy steps helps you adjust and manage working from home successfully, including: · The benefits and drawbacks of home working. · Creating the best workspace for you, your home and your family. · Getting the most suitable IT hardware and software in place. · Managing your time for the best productivity. · Setting goals and to-do lists. · Considering family and friends while you’re working. · Keeping in touch with colleagues and contacts. · Taking time for physical and mental health and wellbeing. · Supporting and managing staff remotely. An indispensable guide for those adjusting to working from home as well as for managers new to supporting staff working from home. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Why work from home? 3. Drawbacks 4. Workspace 5. Time management 6. Daily routine 7. Goals and to-do lists 8. Friends and family 9. Communication 10. Information technology 11. Health 12. Expenses and taxes 13. Branching out 14. Supporting a home worker 15. Conclusion